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  1. What happened to lifegazer's deadline?
  2. Existence Without Time
  3. Mark of the Beast Crap
  4. No desire for a God.
  5. Speaking of debates...
  6. Making tough decisions
  7. The Case for the Existence of God
  8. If Jesus was “GOD
  9. I'm a godfather.
  10. Answering the Atheists: Why did God allow 9/11 to happen?
  11. The L.D.S
  12. Religion and politics
  13. The essence of God, as revealed by Simon Belmont
  14. Simple question
  15. Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Plato and Kant
  16. The reality of the eternal Hellfire.
  17. The Bible - Bruce's version
  18. Fee online Bible database
  19. Original sin
  20. Can love be equated with addictive substances?
  21. God - the primal-cause of all effects.
  22. Science & Morality
  23. shatner on god
  24. Does Dennett believe in a Designer?
  25. Questions for which lifegazer's "philosophy" has no answer:
  26. Identity of religious symbols?
  27. Rationalism..................DEBUNKED!
  28. Samuel Johnson is god.
  29. Brief History of Disbelief
  30. God Bless You John Lennon, Rest In Peace
  31. God faces renewed "flip-flopping" charges
  32. The reality of Mt. Doom...
  33. Fortune Cookie sayings
  34. Epistemology, atheism and The Holy Ghost.
  35. Question for 1inChrist
  36. Violence in the U.S.
  37. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...
  38. Need an Explanation please
  39. Attending an Alpha course?
  40. Here's proof of your God.
  41. Anyone else in history named Jesus?
  42. Man could become God.. what would YOU do ?
  43. Aren't you afraid to die?
  44. 2 Ques for 1inChrist
  45. Here's your REAL proof of God...
  46. Star Trek Guide to Neo-Paganism (repost)
  47. I'm A....
  48. (Response to )Question for 1inChrist (my thread was Hijacked)
  49. How Do We Know?
  50. What is the greatest virtue?
  51. Atheists cannot be moral.
  52. Da Popas Ferrari
  53. Infinite Universe, Infinite Mass, Infinite Gravitational Force
  54. Christians cannot be moral
  55. Are Satanists serious?
  56. Logical Fallacies and The Bible
  57. Is consciousness only physical?
  58. God teaches little girl a lesson
  59. What kind of atheist are you?
  60. Mount of Olives
  61. Religious zealots cannot be moral
  62. A question for atheists.
  63. Religious upset about Sunday Halloween
  64. The causality argument is finally settled
  65. Wanted: Non-magical observer
  66. Why religion is good and atheism is evil
  67. Post Muslim atheists, anywhere?
  68. Why don't you believe in Hell?
  69. Have you accepted 1inChrist as your Lord and Saviour?
  70. Words
  71. Why religion is absolutely necessary
  72. Did Radrook get taken in the Rapture?
  73. Twelve Tribes cult assistance.
  74. Jack T. Chick on music history...
  75. The 11 Commandments
  76. Mel Gibson: The Dark Side.
  77. Atheism on BBC4
  78. Will an Anglican/Epicopalian explain this to me?
  79. Bibleman
  80. Question about the Dead Sea scrolls.
  81. What to do if you're Left Behind?
  82. help me interpret a dream....
  83. Blasphemy!
  84. Philosophical question in the age of Vbulletin
  85. Non-Christian Theology
  86. Atheists are just maltheists.
  87. Is it too late to be saved?
  88. Q for 1inChrist: Since your faith tells you when you die you go to heaven…
  89. Ultrachrist!
  90. Have you complied?
  91. Another question for 1inChrist
  92. 1inChrist lied to us
  93. Another miracle!
  94. Short concise proof of God, can't be refuted, I win!
  95. New Article in Time Magazine: Is God in Our Genes?
  96. I will answer any Bible question you have.
  97. How many questions has 1inC failed to answer?
  98. The causality argument is really settled
  99. Closed thread about meeting your maker.
  100. Rebutting the atheist claim that an all knowing God and free will cannot exist.
  101. Why atheism is good and religion is evil
  102. World's Hardest Bible Quiz
  103. Reasons to ponder my philosophy.
  104. Who agrees with Karl Poper about the real existence of the 3rd world?
  105. Choose Your Religion
  106. Has Philosophy any value in the 21st Century?
  107. What is the perfect environment for a human?
  108. The Brain the Effect of What Cause?
  109. The characterization of hell
  110. Turning the famous time machine argument against atheists.
  111. a critical look at Kent Hovind.
  112. What Does "Spirit" Mean?
  113. Looking for a God
  114. For 1inChrist and george_gw, a faith challenge.
  115. Royal Navy to allow devil worship
  116. Which denomination(s) can save me?
  117. A sincere question for any theist...
  118. Atheism and religion: The value of life
  119. 1 in Christ's Challenge Accepted
  120. Wrong Number
  121. Religious Competition -- Round #1
  122. Satanist on board
  123. Pairing differences.
  124. Brain Transplantation
  125. Is there a place of horror and pain called Hell? YES!
  126. What Is There To Do In Heaven?
  127. Skeptics are in danger of the Hellfire.
  128. A question for 1inChrist
  129. When did the soul evolve?
  130. Question for 1inChrist
  131. What Consciousness in the Afterlife?
  132. Top 10 biblical ways to get a wife
  133. Irreducible complexity of a simple cell
  134. Discussion: What Happens When We Die?
  135. 1inC or lifegazer.. when did God make this ?
  136. We are all part of God's plan
  137. You Can't Do It
  138. The Tenets of Questionism
  139. Blow them all away in the name of the Lord - Jerry Falwell on the terrorists.
  140. Blow them all away in the name of the Lord - the terrorists on Jerry Falwell...
  141. The proof of God will be given to you
  142. Can you have mind without sensory input?
  143. False prophet in Christ
  144. One more day to go!
  145. Homosexuals are in danger of the Hellfire.
  146. More questions for 1inC
  147. Just for stimulation
  148. Scarecrow is in danger of the Hellfire
  149. The prophecy will be fulfilled.
  150. Hey 1inChrist! Hellfire for homos?
  151. On Justifying our beliefs.
  152. God Saves Woman's Life! Proof right here!
  153. Those who dance are in danger of the Hellfire!
  154. regarding 1inchrist
  155. Damn churches....
  156. Satan is in danger of the hellfire
  157. The Other Side of 1inChrist's Prophecy
  158. hey 1injebus need your help!
  159. What, No Osama?
  160. Clam detox
  161. A Challenge
  162. Tell me about Hellfire!
  164. Campaign to get Members to Block 1inChrist
  165. Contest: Who Unmasked 1inChrist First?
  167. Threats of Hellfire are meaningless
  168. God is an atheist
  169. How to defend Christianity...
  170. Saying Grace
  171. Indivisibility
  172. Is randomness = indeterminsim?
  173. Nature of God
  174. The Hard Facts
  175. My prophesy
  176. The issue of polygamy
  177. I don't deserve HELLFIRE!
  178. A public service announcement to any prophets.
  179. A question for atheists.
  180. define objective reality
  181. Merc's religious journey (for MLynn and Bearguin)
  182. Given 1inChrist's view RE: Jerry Falwell....
  183. The REAL HELLFIRE...
  184. Another sincere question for theists...
  185. Thermo-psychonomics - brain, mind, & emotion
  186. Cthulhu is real! Skeptics beware, YOU WILL BE DEVOURED!
  187. Was Darwin Wrong?
  188. Why those who fear HELL are more likely to go to it!!!!
  189. Faith Healer examined on CBC tonight
  190. Reasons to consider an external reality to actually exist
  191. Monkey Apocalypse Begins!
  192. 2 new Chick tracts
  193. At Last An International Atheist Plot You Can Believe In
  194. Exposing the unholy one and his complex plan of logic and reason.
  195. A too-literal interpretation...
  196. Got Five Free Gideon's International Bible's, What Should I Do With Them?
  197. This Guy Must Be A Friend of 1inChrist's
  198. Pope endorses wanking, screwing
  199. Oh my lack of God...
  200. Exposing the "holy" one and his lust for pain and humiliation
  201. Zaayrdragon, your children are DOOMED!!!
  202. Abortion : not a matter for the State, says Exodus
  203. This Forum is Inhabited by Satan
  204. The wages of sin...
  205. How are you feeling Ny and Steven?
  206. Will you except the Lord Jesus?
  207. This Forum is Inhabited by Satin
  208. Where 1 in C Answers Questions and We Don't Make Fun of Him
  209. Wisconsin City Allows Teaching Creationism
  210. God in man?
  211. Who are the gods of the Bible?
  212. Hey, Lifegazer...
  213. The Worries of an Agnostic
  214. This forum is infested by Sartan!
  215. More serious questions for theists
  216. Dr. Maurice Rawlings proves the existence of the Hellfire.
  217. QM and the Mind.
  218. Question about Jesus and original sin
  219. 1stInC - What does this verse mean?
  220. Where in the Bible does it say that the torment in Hell is eternal?
  221. Is Jesus Getting a Bum Rap?
  222. This letter is to short - Can you help?
  223. All Faith Extreme Fundamentalist Challenge - Many Enter, Only One Will Survive
  224. Phil the street evangelist
  225. A question for deists
  226. I think I've found 1inChrist's homepage
  227. Playing God's advocate...
  228. One million US evangelicals
  229. What is Thought?
  230. Free Will
  231. Seperated at Birth?
  232. Psycho Christians, killing their children again.
  233. Morality question ...
  234. There are no atheists in lemur holes...
  235. Won't get fooled again...
  236. Am I the only one who watches fundie shows for fun?
  237. A very scary sign
  238. Principal fired after having himself whipped in front of students
  239. That's it. I give up. There is no hope for humanity.
  240. Holy Mother of God ( In A Grilled Cheese Sandwich )
  241. That old time Homosexuality
  242. Little Bird...Chick Tract
  243. The Image of God
  244. God's pool party
  245. Questions For The Wiccans In Da' House
  246. Faith, Miracles, and Crisis
  247. Artificial Souls (question for my novel)
  248. The Personality Of God
  249. Wicca
  250. Questions for Christians - #1