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  1. Will the rapture save us from the Masons?
  2. It would have been nice to warn us
  3. Equal rights for gays - Dutch RC style
  4. Dam religious people trying to steal our women.
  5. Help finding a study on voluntary payment for a newspaper
  6. I want god to provide proof Now
  7. Instincts and God
  8. Religions & Faith
  9. AiG, the Bible, and Atlantis.
  10. How long will Christianity last?
  11. Biologists Say Free Will is an Illusion
  12. This is BRILLIANT!!!
  13. Do you believe in Divine Guidance for the Kings of England?
  14. Is God Guilty of killing instead of curing? Noah would say yes.
  15. the gods aren't angry
  16. No atheists in foxholes?
  17. Pope's sainthood setback after 'miracle cure' nun reported to be ill again
  18. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim.
  19. Fred Phelps
  20. What was so special about Jesus "sacrafice?"
  21. Proposed law would give second-class status to converted Jews
  22. Two new tracts from Jack Chick
  23. Philosophical challenge for the non-theist
  24. Christian hate group terrorizes Texas town
  25. Gay Republican California State Senator Being Asked to Resign
  26. The Difference Between Liars and ********ters - (Harry Frankfurt's "On ********")
  27. What happens after I dye?
  28. Litvaks - first group of Jewish skeptics?
  29. Richard Dawkins on Australian TV
  30. It was easier when I believed in God.
  31. Why do Christians have such a warped view of parenting?
  32. Love in Hinduism
  33. God is Real but Organized Religion is a Scam
  34. When does an embryo / fetus become human, and why?
  35. a nitpick with a popular analogy
  36. If Darwin was Right, Hitler wasn't Wrong
  37. Chief exorcist says Devil is in the Vatican
  38. Atheists: Know your Bible
  39. What do Nazis, Stalin, and Paedophile priests have in common
  40. Atheist Groups
  41. Identify the Logical Fallacies
  42. [Merged] UselessWords.org
  43. Australian Senate not pursuing inquiry into Scientology
  44. Do We all need a new God to bring peace and prosperity to the world?
  45. Celibacy in the Catholic clergy: why?
  46. Finally, a Real God
  47. [Ed] The myth of Compartmentalised Minds?
  48. The Creators Rights party
  49. Does God Get Diarrhea?
  50. Israelis trying to stop spitting on Christians in Jerusalem
  51. because wearing a cape is fun
  52. Will you Fight to the Death ?
  53. Atheism is Scientifically Impossible
  54. Insults and critical thinking.
  55. dan barker say of christianity
  56. Giants returning to the Holy land?
  57. On Growing Old
  58. Why do Theists try to prove non-theists wrong?
  59. Is Anonymous Still Active?
  60. Atheist's ethical dilemma
  61. Contradictions in Christanity
  62. The Gangbusters to Fizzle Phenomenon
  63. Messiahs here, there, everywhere...
  64. Counter-missionaries
  65. subtle ways to convey nontheism online
  66. Jesus New Name?
  67. Christians longing for nuclear war
  68. Bible vs Reality
  69. Taliban Cuts Off Ears, Noses
  70. Deluded french guy offers money
  71. Is God limited in influence and authority?
  72. Two Jesus children?
  73. Article on Todd Stiefel
  74. I Am Not Ashamed to be Creationist [???]
  75. Calling all YECs
  76. Do you judge God as good only or evil as well?
  77. [Merged] Its up to atheists to create an enlightened god
  78. Atheism, is it really critical thinking?
  79. But Jesus Died for you! - I'll take my share
  80. Apeism, is it really critical thinking
  81. Humor or do some folks actually believe it?
  82. Coalition pushes amendment to Colorado's constitution protecting religious freedom
  83. Christian Top 10 List
  84. The Genius of Ben Stein!!
  85. A few points about atheism...
  86. Learn why it is perfectly OK for a 40 year Muslim old man to marry a 10 year old.
  87. Contingency and the Rise of Islam
  88. Jesus is the devil
  89. What do you think of this diagram?
  90. Future Mormon Apologist
  91. God Breaks His Own Golden Rule
  92. trouble in Texas: a stageplay with a gay Jesus
  93. Scientology: A History of Violence with CNNís Anderson Cooper 360 į
  94. The Quantum Mind: who are the Players and what is your opinion?
  95. Glenn Beck:Has your church has been infiltrated by Marxists?
  96. Tim Tebow- calls for group prayer, gets rejected
  97. "A Deeper Principle that is not held hostage..."
  98. Are the wages of sin death or pleasure and reward?
  99. Brian McLaren: A New Kind of Christianity
  100. The right person for the job?
  101. Is Islam a Hate Crime?
  102. Are 'moral obligations' real?
  103. Can anyone recommend any good books about the psychology of the fundie?
  104. Philip Pullman retells the story of Jesus....
  105. What is your excuse for killing animals?
  106. Christ didn't die on the cross...
  107. What Is The Soul?
  108. Poor Joseph
  109. Ayahuasca, Intelligence, Consciousness, and Materialism
  110. Bishops claim lack of respect for Christians
  111. COOL-ism, The Cure for a Very Sick Planet
  112. Some light relief
  113. Seven Days
  114. Pope Benedict a "leering old villian in a frock"
  115. another nail in the coffin
  116. The Deluge
  117. Is the Bible God?
  118. [Merged] Would You Die For Materialism?
  119. Easter predates Christianity. It's a holiday meant to worship the goddess Ēostre.
  120. How do the Hutaree define "Omnipotent"??
  121. Atheism and politics.
  122. The Face of Jesus Revealed? Not So Fast...
  123. Check this out.
  124. I believe in Jesus Some Days
  125. Nonbelievers in the Bible Belt
  126. Someone had a signature link "Does God Exist?"...
  127. Judas got a bum rap
  128. Women
  129. Science, Religion And The Bible
  130. Spear of Destiny?
  131. new JREF challenge: Testing Google for Consciousness. a Philosophy / Mind Experiment
  132. Would you pray to "God" to save the life of a loved one?
  133. What the fossil record tells me, about the first men, and creation.
  134. What is Sacred to You? Anything?
  135. Religion & War
  136. Is God/Jesus giving God/Jesus to God/Jesus, giving a sacrifice?
  137. Simple proof that Jesus rose
  138. Muslim's Qurbani/Eid-Ul-Adha Question
  139. Pretty good philosophy book...
  140. Here's a failed OT prediction...
  141. Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
  142. Catholics Come Home
  143. Can Priests convicted of child molestation still give communion?
  144. Earthquake?! Biblical prophecy?! MAYHEM?!!
  145. Does this kill the concept of original sin and the sacrifice of Jesus?
  146. Vatican blames criticism of Pope on godless abortionists & gays
  147. Geelong police close down Easter crucifixion re-en
  148. Was there a historical Jesus at all?
  149. Is it fair to describe Muhammad as a pedophile/mass-murderer?
  150. God does not exist because...?
  151. Evidence against God's existence
  152. Did religion help you become an atheist/agnostic?
  153. Bible and scientific accuracy
  154. Calvinism returns
  155. [Ed] Important Information Enclosed: How to become a Cult Leader
  156. Smoking Gun for Ratzinger. That's it!
  157. Why I Would Never Become An Atheist #1
  158. Disobeying Immoral Laws
  159. Why I Am the Number #1 Athist
  160. Do you think you're smarter than God?
  161. [Ed] Do you think you're smarter than The Tooth Fairy?
  162. Do you think you're smarter than God?
  163. Do you think you're smarter than Zod?
  164. God is an outdated concept
  165. The Dawk goes off the deep end (Perp walk for the Zinger?)
  166. Question about children and labels
  167. "The New Atheists" Chicago Trib article
  168. Are we here to serve God or is God to serve man?
  169. Deity recipes
  170. Bible prophecy debate
  171. How do you define atheism?
  172. Consequences of crime; best treatment?
  173. Speaking in Tongues
  174. Is It Wrong to Judge a Religion by the Behavior of its Followers?
  175. A is for Atheist
  176. Catholic Church: "Do not remove statute of limitations"
  177. God 2.0
  178. Jack Chick Documentary
  179. Anti Tracts patterned after jack Chick comics.
  180. Evangelical Scholar Accepts Evolution and is "Expelled"
  181. If God exists why is it necessary to meditate?
  182. Vatican blames homosexual for paedophilia
  183. A Modest Proposal
  184. Fred Phelps explained, courtesy of SMBC
  185. Prayer Leads to Lost Girl in Florida Swamp - An Angry Moment
  186. Is belief in god a virtue?
  187. Should God sack the Pope?
  188. Should the Pope be fired from his job?
  189. National Day Of Prayer ruled unconstitutional
  190. Yes, That is Right BibleMan
  191. Why I Could Conceivably Become a Theist
  192. Science And The Bible
  193. For recovering Fundies. The fast way to reboot your brain. :)
  194. Shock horror, Jesus had a penis
  195. The reason why the torment of the grave is hidden from man
  196. Kosher/Hallal restrictions and GMOs
  197. Nonbelievers and Buddhism
  198. Could Slavery end poverty and starvation?
  199. There is no "ought"
  200. Is Hatred Useful?
  201. Scientologists Are Technically Atheists Right?
  202. Questions About the Richard Dawkins Forum
  203. How to deal with Pentecostals?
  204. What God left out of the Bible
  205. An Atheist For President?
  206. ID -Split from What God left out of the Bible
  207. Promiscuous women are responsible for earthquakes............
  208. The presumption of humanism- covenant morality for humnity
  209. The Logos as a kind of formal and/or cognitive grammar
  210. Hegel's Universal Mind
  211. Would we be smart without meat?
  212. Nature has no sense of morals
  213. What the frock is going on in the Vatican?
  214. Nuns do it too.
  215. Which religion's believers are the biggest bunch of whiners, crybabies and "victims"?
  216. Craig Christ
  217. Letís Make-Up a Religion
  218. Christians: Why do you take the resurrection seriously but not George and the Dragon?
  219. Do Xtian end-times date settings make non-Xtians hostile to the end times message?
  220. What I learned about Islam
  221. Do you believe you are not human?
  222. Why is the anti-abortion stance a part of modern christianity?
  223. Hokey-pokey Faith Healing
  224. Odd Bible Question
  225. A Calculitheist's take on King James' version
  226. Muslims around the world
  227. 'Benedict' brand condoms. Foreign Office Apology
  228. The most awesome pareidolia yet!
  229. Somali Radicals and music
  230. Have you been touched by the Spirit?
  231. Why Quote The Bible?
  232. Holy semen...........
  233. Islam and Fear
  234. New York Orthodox Rabbis show the world how to deal with child abuse
  235. [Merged] Noah's Ark found?
  236. More Does God Exist Stuff (Because There's Never Enough of These Threads)
  237. [Merged] Nativity play / Hilarious correspondence between chaplain and dad
  238. Listen: don't think!
  239. The value of forgiveness
  240. Nature has no sense of humour
  241. Skeptics and Karma and Flow
  242. Tim Minchin and the Pope
  243. the thing about most "pagan" religions...
  244. Flat earth: Which ancient religions, if any, believed this?
  245. Ten Commandments
  246. "A"-Week and Internet Atheists
  247. Finally enlightenment for some misguided Christians. Will Islam follow?
  248. The Hitchens Principle of Shame
  249. [Merged] The Preacher and the Rent-boy
  250. May the Fourth Be With You