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  1. Shocker: Birth Control, not Abstinence responsible for teen pregnancy drop
  2. Muslim Congressman undermines American Civilization....
  3. US to start leaving Iraq in June 2007?
  4. Iraq War Veterans Are The Church's Responsibility Too
  5. John Edward on Glen Beck (Dec 27)
  6. Hezbollah Draws a Line in the Sand: Will Burn Lebanon if Necessary
  7. Wonder where all the suicide bombers come from, Arafat's legacy??
  8. Sectarian violence or terrorist attacks?
  9. Church Effort to Hide Pre-Human Fossils
  10. Why Do Terrorists Hate Us?
  11. Israeli Gov't. creates new "Ministry of Silly Walks"
  12. Arar Deported by USA and Tortured on Bogus Evidence
  13. Rumsfeld's Last Memo
  14. Kofi Annan pines for the good-old days of Saddam's rule
  15. Vets with PTSD getting the shaft again?
  16. Bolton is gone
  17. How To Ensure Chavez Steps down in 2012
  18. Joseph Kennedy, Venezuela and Citgo
  19. Child Molester Blames Wife's Bingo Habit
  20. Padilla again. Shoulda followed due process.
  21. Australia and New Zealand to Merge
  22. How to ensure Dubya steps down in 2008?
  23. UK to spend £20 billion on new "nuclear deterrent."
  24. Chavez - Castro, or Chavez != Castro?
  25. Newt and Free Speach...
  26. Robert Gates Secretary of Defence
  27. Favorite headline of the day...
  28. Favorite headline of the day...
  29. Racists are People Too it seems.
  30. Something stinks in Afghanistan.
  31. Cutting the Cheese Attempted Cover-up Forces Emergency Landing
  32. Little Girl Anti-Religion Rant on O'Reilly
  33. The Baker Report
  34. Dick Cheney's Gay Daughter Is Pregnant
  35. Tony Snow: No and Yes mean the same thing....
  36. X-Mas and the X-Tian Way
  37. US becoming a police state
  38. Iraq Study Group Says Violence Under-reported
  39. I Despair For Democracy In The Muslim Middle East
  40. Now I know why Dick is Short for Richards
  41. How long would it take Iran to build a nuclear arsenal?
  42. Will Iran be Attacked?
  43. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  44. When the Death Penalty Fits Perfectly!
  45. Pennsylvania town makes gun ownership mandatory
  46. J Kirkpatrick (former UN ambassador) dies
  47. Pile Driver Pounds Students
  48. Woman Kills Husband For Serving Her Warm Beer
  49. Merry Xmas: Free-Lance Terrorist Wanted to Blow Up Mall on the 22nd
  50. Yoko says YOU should forgive
  51. When should a country nuke another country?
  52. Meet your new incompetent chair of House Intel Committee
  53. Rule Of The Grandfathers
  54. Free Lance Hangman Wanted
  55. Why protests are awesome
  56. Stephen Colbert Pens "Word of the Year"
  57. Pinochet dies
  58. Nutty writer of the week?
  59. GOP Laments Mixed Results As Control of Congress Ends
  60. Iraqi President Angry About the Bipartisan Report
  61. Barak Obama?
  62. Iran's "Review of the Holocaust" 2-day conference starts
  63. Diana spied on by US
  64. Prison driving Olympic bomber crazy....
  65. Why no outrage over Polonium?
  66. "Ching chong" China - Rosie demonstrates her brand of tolerance
  67. Ax Murderer "Lizzie" Borden Dies At Age 116
  68. Impeach Bush?
  69. Hamas gunmen hit new low ... even for them
  70. Texas: 4-year-old suspended after inappropriately touching teacher's aide
  71. Mencken predicted Bush in 1920
  72. Ahmadinejad continues to broadcast his intentions...
  73. Conservative "news" site: soy making kids gay...
  74. Pay to prove you are not a terrorist? Ouch
  75. Why are underaged Hollywood Starlets allowed to drink?
  76. Stupidest Criminal of the Year, So Far - But this year isn't finished yet
  77. Tom Delay to "write" a blog and comments that the right doesn't attack enough.
  78. Democrats Control Senate? Don't Be So Sure!
  79. Democratic Senator has a stroke.
  80. FEC Fines MoveOn.Org, Swift Boat Veterans
  81. Dr. Jack Kevorkian to be paroled from prison
  82. Steverino's Solution to Middle East Peace
  83. Senate Majority May Not Exist For Dems After All
  84. Have you ever peripherally been responisble for the death of another?
  85. Article on Florida execution.
  86. Diana Report Thread
  87. Kofi Annan exits...
  88. Nobel Peace Price
  89. More troops? What's McCain playing at?
  90. Bush to host Global Warming Denile Conference...
  91. Pat Tillman's death and religion
  92. Piece plan for Iraq ~ pay everyone $X/month!
  93. Supporting Israel good for the USA??
  94. US Court of Appeals bars private slave reperations
  95. An American Coward Speaks
  96. Palestinian PM Assassination (failed attempt)
  97. Diana's death ruled 'a tragic accident'
  98. two for one - buy a fighter jet, get criminal case thrown out for free!
  99. Iraqi military appropriations
  100. Listening to the troops on the ground
  101. Jack the Ripper's great-grandson?
  102. LDS-fundie "prophet" ordered to stand trial
  103. Miss USA's 'Personal Issues' Scrutinized
  104. Commie Judges Suspend Executions in Florida and California
  105. Weird NY Sun article on media bias
  106. vegitarians are smarter/student put body fluid in school lunch
  107. !!WARNING!! You are fat!
  108. Incoming Chairmen Ready to Investigate
  109. What Do You Do When One of Your Natural Treasures Starts Eating All the Others?
  110. U.S. Dept. Homeland Security gives up on tracking people with expired visas
  111. Saudi Threats end British Fraud Investigation
  112. 60 Minutes to air Holocaust feature
  113. List your newswatch sources!
  114. You Are "Time's" Person of the Year
  115. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, revisited
  116. The Conservative Threat to Liberty
  117. So YOU don't think YOU should be Person of the Year?
  118. Update on Shanek..not happy news
  119. What Did You Do This Year to Deserve to Be Recognized as "Time's" Person of the Year?
  120. WWJD: Catholic Citizenship Exec. Director Assaults Protestor
  121. Drunk Driving
  122. Ahmadinejad Allies Not Doing Well In Iranian Elections
  123. Dumbest Breathless News Coverage Ever
  124. No more of the "Absolutely, we're winning" talk.
  125. Fix the debt, Drop income tax...
  126. Yes, We Have Nukes! I Mean, Bananas!
  127. Se7enSnakes Explains His Tax Theories
  128. Judith Regan Blames the Jews
  129. Help Shane
  130. An eye opening piece regarding Holocaust denial
  131. "May you rot in Hell."
  132. VA Congressman FEARS More Muslims May Be Elected-Govt Needs to Act NOW!
  133. Tehran Times: Iran's president is a swine
  134. al-Zawahri Says Holy War ONLY WAY to Liberate Palestine, Not Elections
  135. It looks like I have over estimated Bush again
  136. Yes, another climate change thread
  137. Saparmurat Niyazov is dead
  138. Applicants line up to fill jobs left empty by Swift plant raid
  139. Bush Saves Skydiver in Freefall!
  140. Bush's Dangerous Hypothetical
  141. AT&T Wished Me A "Merry Christmas". I'll Sue!!!
  142. Police Want Bullet In Teen's Forehead
  143. Can Silly String Save Lives in Iraq?
  144. When you play Russian Roulette, don't hog the gun.
  145. Rice Discusses Iraq
  146. Age of consent in the UK
  147. Things are BIG in Texas - including Racism
  148. Oops!
  149. Who's working this sunday?
  150. Iraq: Helping the US
  151. "Merry Christmas" wasn't offensive, but the idea that no should be offended is.
  152. Cherish your right to vote
  153. Next Iraqi Election:
  154. Merry Christmas
  155. YTF are we sexualising young girls?
  156. Man burns self in atheist protest
  157. Greater Horn of Africa: The Jihad Begins
  158. The Edges Of Child Pornography: What Should Be Legal, What Shouldn't?
  159. More Tales of the Veil: London Man Assaulted for Wife's Veil Comment
  160. Presidential Countdown Clocks or Calendars??
  161. Modern Political Hysteria Ruins Film
  162. George Bush and the Bill of rights
  163. FDA Approves Cloned Meat. Would you eat?
  164. Hussien must be hanged within 30 days
  165. How do you prove you are a citizen?
  166. President Gerald Ford dead at 93
  167. Palestinian "Cease-Fire"
  168. Are you for a progressive income tax?
  169. Belgium -- Secession or civil war?
  170. Leave, crusaders, or have your heads cut off
  171. Jimmy Carter on the take from the Arab Lobby
  172. New Israeli Settlement
  173. What could cause society to collapse?
  174. The world's greatest pay-per-view opportunity!
  175. But, did he have a gun?
  176. NC State Bar files ethics charges against DA Nifong
  177. Free Trade as a panacea?
  178. Senators in Syria: Bush Power Waning Already?
  179. Saddam's Execution: place your bets
  180. How many will be killed in this year's Hajj?
  181. Saddam wasnt really hanged! Ooops too early for the conspiracy thread
  182. Ex-presidents dont badmouth other presidents. Good or Bad rule.
  183. Saddam to be executed - tonight.
  184. Noam on stuff
  185. Dr. Buzz0's 7 steps to Iraq Victory
  186. Breaking: Apparent terrorist attack in Madrid airport
  187. Why Doesn't Society Prefer To Hear About The Middle East From Experts/Specialists?
  188. Ex-narcotics cop sells "Never Get Busted Again" DVD
  189. Saddam Execution: Good for America?
  190. Texas, Islam, and the Pig Races!!
  191. Hilarious Cartoon Video (Pirates and Emperors)
  192. John Edwards Wants US To Enforce No-Fly Zone In Darfur
  193. Palestinians Mourn Loss of Saddam Hussein
  194. "Never Get Busted Again"...Former Cop releases anti-law video.
  195. "Oh, he got out again."
  196. Happy New Year-2007!
  197. Control of Somalia fully wrested from Extremists
  198. Are all atheists/agnostics liberals?
  199. Jerusalem will never forget you, Teddy
  200. Teen settles with town over rap lyrics
  201. God loves Norway
  202. Pat Robertson is at it again...again.
  203. Gays now allowed in US military
  204. Iranian censorship...
  205. Denmark loves success
  206. Three Parents Allowed in Canada!
  207. TV surgery
  208. "Rehnquist Thought CIA Spying On Him" -- FBI Spy File on Rehnquist
  209. Do I have a right to be safe?
  210. Al Queda/terrorists/Muslim extremists ~ why they after us now, and not back decades
  211. Whose followers are more out of touch with reality?
  212. Democrats Promise Ethical Era
  213. The Constitution, Firearms, and States' Rights
  214. say no to Man-cow hybrids?
  215. Is Bush Reading My Mail Now?
  216. "Kill The Infidels" - "You're nicked!"
  217. Boy Hangs Himself After Seeing Husseinís Execution
  218. musings on Jerry Ford
  219. Buchanan on the Neocons
  220. What the flip is a "neocon"
  221. Check out saint Dubya
  222. Israel to Nuke Iran?
  223. Army Asks Deceased and Wounded Officers to Re-Enlist
  224. Split from: Duke lacrosse thread--Reverse racism
  225. "The Sting" -- 3 million bees stolen by palestinians from Israel
  226. Negreponte to replace Rice to replace Cheney?
  227. Port of Miami in Lockdown
  228. Muslims in Texas Offend Pig Farmer
  229. U.S. to formalize carbon trading?@!
  230. GOP.org lists talking points on webpage listing radio call-in numbers
  231. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers...
  232. The Curse of Hillary Strikes Again!
  233. Democrats already break vow.
  234. The Swiss unveil latest WMD!
  235. Something Stinks in NYC
  236. Dozens of Dead Birds Shut Down Part of Downtown Austin
  237. This Just In: Manhattan and New Jersey Smells Funny
  238. Why we will not be visiting the US in the forseeable future
  239. Hillary Says She's NOT Running For President
  240. Boy hangs self after seeing Saddam coverage
  241. An accessory to the 9/11 attacks is sentenced
  242. Yankee go home!
  243. US Spectre gunship attacks targets in Somolia
  244. The Republicans cheated again--and still lost!
  245. Palestinian movie making?
  246. Dallas-based pizza chains accepts Mexican Pesos for payment
  247. Shooting a Library Book Thief
  248. Youth and war, a deadly duo
  249. Semantics and Chavez
  250. Report released on Burger's theft