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  1. Joe Biden's claim for great achievement of Obama's adminstration
  2. Black Helicopters Over Nashville
  3. Texas Tea Party Gubernatorial Candidate A 9/11 Truther?
  4. The Collected Essays of Rolf Lindgren Have Been Updated!
  5. Intelligence ties between Britain and USA in jeapordy
  6. Is Everyone In The Obama Administration Stuck On Stupid?
  7. Palin's Popularity Dropping Even Among Conservatives
  8. Now Texas Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Shami ventures into Trooferism
  9. 51 votes in Senate is ONLY a Majority
  10. Obama to GOP: Put up or shut up.
  11. Obama Vs. Bush JREF Politics
  12. Right-wing Zionists love Sarah Palin
  13. How do you feel about Sarah Palin...
  14. Truth in "Congress Daily" Advertising
  15. A trillion here, a trillion there...
  16. What would Republicans add/subtract from the Democratic health-care reform plans?
  17. Save The Children
  18. Dick Cheney: Obama should say Thank You to Bush
  19. BNP to scrap whites-only membership.
  20. Krugman: Obama Clueless. We're Doomed.
  21. Bye Bye Bayh.
  22. McCain Bill To Illegalize Steroids and Dietary Supplements
  23. Save the Senate Tour
  24. Obama Promotes Nuclear Power
  25. Poll: Obama dosn't deserve 2nd term.
  26. RE: Legislation... what's the difference between prostitution and porn?
  27. Obama: Second Depression No Longer A Possibility. Oh really?
  28. How tax cuts killed California
  29. Free to Choose, 30 Years Later
  30. Obama meets Dalai Lama at White House
  31. Obama's Right on This
  32. Obama and Dems to go it alone on health-care reform, if GOP refuses to compromise
  33. Small Government?
  34. Terrorists, please line up to the left ....
  35. So when exactly is it terrorism?
  36. Dick Cheney wanted American/Russian conflict in Georgia
  37. Ron Paul (R) for President 2012
  38. Tea Party extemism could push away Jews
  39. World War Three Coming Soon?
  40. [Merged] Daughter of Austin terrorist calls dad a "hero"
  41. New Mass. Senator helps Dems avoid filibuster
  42. Obama Administration Bribery?
  43. Climategate Meets the Law - We want Gore
  44. Lovable Loon Jim Traficant To Run For Congress
  45. John Mearsheimer's Iran Proposal
  46. Ron Paul Reveals Real Reasons Behind Federal Reserve Transparency Act
  47. 2010 Primaries
  48. I am not a Socialist ... (don't you believe me?).
  49. CNN bashing Obama?
  50. Glenn Beck- Is a he a nutcase, performing an act, or engaging in disinformation?
  51. Should Congress Always Listen to the People?
  52. Health-care reform: what do we do now?
  53. Do the Republics not realize their talking points were so obvious?
  54. Sarah Palin wants the Tea Party to take over the GOP
  55. 2016 Prediction: President Andrew Cuomo
  56. Another Governor hikes the Appalachian Trail.
  57. Chavez vs the USA
  58. A Federal Crime to Tell the Truth - 5 Years
  59. Is Obama still stuck on stupid in the WOT?
  60. Filibusters and Reconciliation
  61. Republican Senator to American Jobless: F-U
  62. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (progressive Democrat) vs. Blanche Lincoln (corporatist)
  63. Aboriginal land claims
  64. Linda McMahon
  65. Should NY Governor Paterson resign?
  66. Texas Republican primary ballot proposal #4
  67. Abuse Of Power
  68. Obama's Nuclear OptionS
  69. Out Of His Mind or Stuck On Stupid?
  70. Will Obama Be Impeached?
  71. Democrats more ideologically diverse then Republicans?
  72. [Merged] That must've been one helluva party...
  73. Leaked documents reveal GOP plan to use scare tactics to raise money
  74. Obama is not serious about global warming
  75. Let's discuss Paul Ryan's comments to Obama on Health Care
  76. Wouldn’t You Like to Know ... if you are safer?
  77. Is The Tea Party All About Race?
  78. A Pathetic Looking Handsome Man
  79. Obama's New Poverty Measurement
  80. Republican Health Care
  81. Trailer Trash Caribou Barbie trolls for Oscar swag
  82. Well, so Much for Obama Making the USA "Respected in the World"...
  83. Suuuuuuuuuure, Buddy.
  84. Watermelons for sale!!!!!!
  85. Persuade me to switch to the US Healthcare Model
  86. Obama admin to prohibit sport fishing?
  87. Orly Taitz goes to the capital.
  88. Boeing now sole competitor for ~$40 billion tanker program
  89. Genocide, what genocide? Obama changed his tune last week.
  90. 25 reasons Why Ron Paul can win in 2012 (Summary)
  91. Collapse of US Empire: Slow or swift?
  92. Why are modern American politics primarily ad hominem?
  93. [Merged] Slaughter the House Bill / Pass without voting
  94. Should taxpayers flip the health care bills for the uninsured?
  95. Welfare reform of 1996 abolished?
  96. The Christian right took over the Republican Party-How far right do they want to go?
  97. Glenn Beck calls Jesus a "Communist".
  98. Rumsfeld torture suit
  99. AIG gonna pay back $170B of the $182B bailout?
  100. Will the Paul Political Dynasty one day rival the Kennedy Political Dynasty?
  101. Obamacare Means 1/3 Fewer MDs
  102. Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest
  103. Reliable Sources of News
  104. CheneyCare vs. ObamaCare
  105. Would this gun ordinance pass constitutional muster?
  106. Obama is 150% more secretive than Bush.
  107. POTUS Obama Grants Exclusive Interview with FOX News Bret Baier
  108. Insurer revoked HIV patients' coverage
  109. US may be seeking Israel 'regime change'
  110. What if they held a filibuster, and nobody stopped voting?
  111. HCR, Repeal and Vetos
  112. Congressional Hispanic Caucus changes mind and supports health care plan!!
  113. Spreading the cost of healthcare
  114. Campaign Finance Reform (USA)
  115. Most Americans think healthcare reform will help the poor
  116. Biometric ID card for all working Americans?
  117. Rules Committee meeting descends into chaos
  118. Congratulations to my fellow Democrats
  119. [Ed] Tea Party protest descends into madness, racism....
  120. Will HC reform be seen in the same light as Social Security by future Americans?
  121. Crowds and the media...
  122. How will the rich old men with excellent health coverage vote?
  123. Pass it! What is it and what will it cost?
  124. Hooray! Another 15,000 IRS Agents!!
  125. Health Insurance Reform: Predictions
  126. What exactly is wrong with transparency at the Federal Reserve?
  127. What did the GOP Congress do for health-care in 12 years?
  128. UHC Passes, Why no Drop in Dow?
  129. Congress Woman Gifford's office vandalized
  130. Teabaggers vs Paultards: The Race To 1%
  131. "The American Public Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected POTUS Obama
  132. This Healthcare Legislation: Sell Me On It
  133. US prioritys
  134. Americans do not have a "right" to health insurance
  135. 66% of GOPers think Obama is a Socialist, 57% a Muslim, 24% the Anti-Christ
  136. the reconciliation or "fixes" package
  137. Libertarian/Conservative health-care Vent thread
  138. Obama Care and Student Loans?
  139. [Merged] WA State's AG is one of the filers against the health care bill / unconstitutional
  140. Why always POTUS?
  141. GOP candidate for NY Governor compares Health-care reform to 9-11
  142. USA and Russia agree on new nuclear arms treaty
  143. Conservatives threatening violence against health-reform supporters
  144. Health Care Bill not as unpopular as first thought
  145. mandate and the Amish
  146. Nice Job, Tea Party! You're right up there with Hamas and Al Qaeda now!
  147. Can you be a small government conservative, and let people do their own thing?
  148. GOP Senators now refuse to work past 2 p.m.
  149. It's a Civil War: What We Do Now
  150. No Obamacare for Obama
  151. David Frum out at Conservative think tank: night of the long knives begins...
  152. This is the End of America.
  153. This is actually the end of America
  154. Please read before starting yet another "USA 'Healthcare'" thread
  155. Gee … look at the sudden honesty of democrats. AFTER THE VOTE.
  156. Would you pay a restaurant or merchandise "health-care surcharge"?
  157. Glenn Beck is Right!
  158. Pretty Good Analysis
  159. Random attacks on GOP Congressman shows how low Dems will go...
  160. Gunman Shoots Up Office of Number 2 House Republican
  161. 100% of economy was private before TARP
  162. Cogressman to Visit My Office
  163. Road Rage at Obama bumper sticker.
  164. Listen to Rand Paul's New Radio Ad Here!
  165. A metaphor for the Republican mindset?
  166. No false socialist
  167. BAC: mark to market caused banking Collapse , Leftists to blame
  168. A few questions about political mindsets
  169. Fair and balanced = conservative viewpoint
  170. Knowing what you do right now, would you still have supported the invasion of Iraq?
  171. Founding Fathers required all Americans to buy a gun
  172. [Merged] Michael Steele Spends Teabaggers Dollars On Lesbian Sex-Show!
  173. The difference between VA and Medicare
  174. Republican death threats
  175. Demographics real problem with healthcare bill
  176. Victoria Jackson - Fake or Real?
  177. Advice for meeting with Representative?
  178. Utah votes to seize federal property
  179. Iran nuclear scientist defects to US - Intelligence coup.
  180. What should the government pay for?
  181. Wonderful rant on Republican Racism
  182. The tenth amendment: why?
  183. Obama wants to lift 20 year ban on Gulf drilling
  184. [Merged] Teabonics / Obama signage
  185. Obamacare: good idea or not?
  186. April Fools!!!
  187. FOX News Anchor Admits Numerous Errors, Calls Boss "____For Brains"
  188. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) Worried US Troops Will Make Guam Tip Over
  189. Why the over use of "USAian" here?
  190. Teabagger Hero Sarah Palin Using Old Interviews Without Permission
  191. The name of this forum is wrong
  192. See, not everyone who criticizes the Federal Reserve's secrecy is a right wing loon
  193. Extremist group demands governors resign, FBI says
  194. Tanning salon tax is racist!!!!!!
  195. [Merged] Racist e-mails / Don't Teabaggers Realize...
  196. Would Obama allow Chavez to have nukes?
  197. Obama 2.0
  198. Doctor refuses to treat Obama supporters
  199. Latest Job Report Positive, Republicans* still spinning it negatively
  200. CNN "journalist" threatens to shoot census workers
  201. Politics - what's a skeptic to do?
  202. Is the two party system set in stone?
  203. How would you rate President Obama's performance?
  204. Wikileaks releases video showing the deaths of Iraqi civilians and 2 journalists
  205. Obama limits use of nuclear weapons
  206. Judicial Review- Good or Bad?
  207. Gun laws: Is this consitutional?
  208. Washington state man threatens to kill Senator
  209. But what about his *rights*?
  210. Next step in Campaign Financ: ban secret campaign funding
  211. Kevin Gutzman Explains Article 5 Convention
  212. Obama to ban Islamic terms from language of security policy
  213. Obama considering national sales tax
  214. Teabagging Governor of Virgina Reinstates Racist Policy
  215. "Washington politics and lavishness infects the RNC"
  216. Student Loans overhaul
  217. U.S. Troops Killed Afghan Women, Then Dug Bullets Out Of Their Bodies To Cover It Up
  218. Fox is going down - but Sen Tom Coburn? He's moving up with class
  219. Air Marshal program costing $200m per arrest
  220. Should we waterboard him?
  221. Five things we learned about Obamacare after it passed
  222. The following attacks on civillians by Iraqi insurgents are bad
  223. Justice Stevens retiring
  224. Stupak will not seek reelection.
  225. In the President's selection of a new Justice, Republican opinion is irrelevant.
  226. George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'
  227. Need to look for pseudoscience/conspiracy theories grounded in political ideologies
  228. Glenn Beck's fans are listening to his golden voice and taking action!
  229. Why ‘Obamanomics’ is working
  230. [Merged] SRLC Straw Poll Results: Paul & Romney Tie for First with 24%! / only 1% away
  231. Huckabee: I'm Still a Jerk
  232. Congresswoman Maxine Waters Rises To Breach Hypocrisy Dam
  233. The Tea Party & "Straight Pride": Cross-section of Middle America?
  234. Racist Tea Party "leader" just as bad at spelling...
  235. Racial slur: another Tea Party "leader" causes rats to flee sinking USS Teabagger
  236. Tea Party Crashers & Saboteurs: This True?
  237. What's a good old-fashioned street demonstration worth these days?
  238. Barney Frank Gets Tongue-Lashing on Plane
  239. [Ed] 76 Senators sign letter critical of Obama Administration's stance towards Israel
  240. What's with Those Ron Paul Supporters?
  241. American Jews abandoning Israel
  242. Most Tea Party Supporters Say Their Taxes Are Fair
  243. Buffalo Businessman Runs for NY Gov, Trips Over Self
  244. Socialist Pres. Obama had the nerve to CUT my taxes!!!
  245. Sarah Palin's Boston Tea Party Event Attracts... Hundreds? A Few Thousand?
  246. Teabaggers Used As Tools In GOP Money Making Scheme
  247. Tea Party "Contract on America"
  248. Racism Affecting Political Discourse?
  249. "Tea Party" Becoming More of a Brand Name Than a Party
  250. Obama Sends Gay Hospital Visiting Memo... Yay(?)