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  1. Tear apart this video series
  2. Ummmmm Yes, Glenn Beck has stooped to an all time low...
  3. Centerists Blue Dog Democrats are just Corporate whores
  4. Is Bill Maher a bigot?
  5. Health Care Reform.
  6. The Limbaugh Rule
  7. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to Mount a Write-In Campaign?
  8. Happy Constitution Day!
  9. America's $2.75 billion dollar gift to Israel
  10. Montana GOP wants to criminalize homosexuality
  11. o'donnel: i dabbled in withcraft
  12. We have the 16th amendment - but where does it say about property and other taxes?
  13. Keith Olbermann's statement on George Tiller and Fox News, do JREFers agree?
  14. City to Bill Pastor $180,000 for Exercising Constitutional Rights
  15. O'Donnell: I didn't dabble in O'Donnel
  16. Show us your.............
  17. First Lady Denies Saying 'It’s Hell. I Can’t Stand It!" To Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
  18. [Merged] What's wrong with the water in Delaware?
  19. Party of NO (R) Hates the Troops
  20. Democrats and the president hate poor people. Advanced EIC is repealed
  21. It's a LIE that you pay 1/2 of your Social Security and your employer pays 1/2.
  22. Applying Particle Physics to Solving Terrorism
  23. Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party's Woman in Washington...
  24. [Merged] Obama's Aunt... Riding the Gravy Train.
  25. Wisconsin Tea Party group accused of plotting to commit voter fraud.
  26. Anthem to Stop Selling Child-Only Policies
  27. Obama's Wars
  28. Joe (the Plumber) vs The Humane Society (NWO or something)
  29. If Republicans aren't racist, why did they nominate Paladino in New York?
  30. If Democrats aren't racist,then why... aw screw it, they're racist.
  31. Don't Ask Don't Tell Filibustavoted Down... Are we run by (some type of) holes?
  32. Arizona Green Republicans
  33. More whiney babies from the right
  34. The Texas Taliban moves beyond denying science and concentrates on rewriting history.
  35. Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement Bill"
  36. Christine O'Donnel would have ratted out Jews during WW2
  37. Democrats Running!
  38. California Governors Race
  39. Uncompromising Political Positions
  40. Teabagger Whacktard Christine O’Donnell Wonders Why Monkeys Aren't Becoming Humans
  41. Why Media Neglected To Mention Political Party Of 8 Bell, CA Council Members Arrested
  42. [Split Thread] Marxist background of Christine O’Donnell's opponent
  43. When "Equal Time" battles "Exclusive Contract" - we win, and Fox News loses
  44. Chris Coons Will Bring Yale Divinity School's Values To Senate … What *Values*?
  45. The Roots of Teabaggers' Rage
  46. Who is in it to win it?
  47. President Obama just doesn't understand
  48. Crybabies
  49. NY GOP candidate opposes integration, inter-racial marriage, and supports Eugenics
  50. GOP kills Senate bill to keep jobs in the USA
  51. We don't see this here at JREF!
  52. Poll Results: It's not Obama's fault.
  53. Most Dishonest 2010 Campaign Ads
  54. Tea Party Candidate Christine O'Donnell Falsely Claimed to Have Attended Universities
  55. [Merged] James O'Keefe: Still a Scumbag / Breitbart's Pimp Boy Tries To "Punk" Female CNN Repo
  56. House of Representatives votes to adjourne
  57. GOP's contempt for science hits rock bottom
  58. McDonalds May Drop Health Coverage
  59. Why I Don't Discuss Politics With Strangers
  60. What can I say to "Glenn Beck" follower?
  61. John Boehner: Let 'em have their trial!
  62. GOP candidate for NY Governor is a scumbag
  63. Sometimes, the Senate gets it right....
  64. Snookie o'Donnell's latest
  65. Obama slights the UK! Not!
  66. Arrest Meg Whitman
  67. Death Threats over Tea Party Coloring Book
  68. Glenn Beck: Slavery "started with seemingly innocent ideas" then "The government....
  69. Tea Party vs War Party
  70. Candidate for Governor Doubts Flu Shots
  71. Pot Question
  72. Israeli "art students" snooping around Utah
  73. [Merged] The Stench of American Dictatorship.
  74. Flip-Flop? Obama Now Prefers Polarizing Positions By Praising MSNBC & Slamming FOX
  75. Christine O'Donnel: "China plotting to conquer the USA"
  76. DeMint: Bar Sexually Active Unmarried Women From Teaching
  77. 2nd American Revolution coming?
  78. [Merged] Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now The Government is X-Raying You as You Drive
  79. Many Tea Partiers part of religious right
  80. Gone too far?
  81. Birther threatens president.
  82. Joe Miller (Alaska Senate Candidate) and the Constitution
  83. Dems to thank O'Donnell for gift wrapping senate seat.
  84. More craziness from Joe Miller
  85. NYC "Naked Cowboy" runs as Tea Party Candidate for President
  86. Signs are that the Supremes may rule against WBC
  87. H.R. bill 6109 - Your child will be asked their sexual orientation!!
  88. Americans continue to build settlements in the occupied territories!
  89. Cuccinelli the Anti-science Republican at it again
  90. I call out a Local Talk Radio Host
  91. [Merged] Anti-Illegal Alien Flag Waver & Teabagger Hero Lou Dobbs Employed....You Guessed It!
  92. No soda for you!
  93. Obama's Gitmo Policy Coming Home To Roost
  94. Fresh shipment of guano out of Nevada
  95. Republicans diss West Virginia
  96. Take away the right to vote from convicts?
  97. Art vs Rachel
  98. Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US
  99. Teabagger Whacktard Christine O'Donnell Says Passion of the Christ Was 'Nonprofit'
  100. [Merged] Missouri Tea Party is Anti-puppy??
  101. Nutty Tea-Bagger candidate was a ...Democrat false-flag attack??
  102. [Merged] Teabagger Candidate Rich Iott is into Nazi Cosplay
  103. Impact of Citizens United
  104. Angle: Reid gave Viagra to child molesters
  105. Whorebasher Whacktard Jerry Brown: No Evidence Mammograms Work
  106. My sentiments exactly
  107. New York violates military's civil rights!
  108. Socialist Dem wingnuts march on Washington
  109. Union Pushes for ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver
  110. One of several reasons my vote is more against than for this year
  111. White House Was Pleased With Premature Sherrod Firing
  112. food stamps for Pepsi?
  113. Fact Check: Is Foreign Money Behind U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ads?
  114. Judge orders halt to Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  115. AFter 300 interviews, 9 months, and seven figures, the Air Force comes up with.....
  116. Why did Clinton sign DOMA?
  117. I Want Your Money!!
  118. Tea Party Economics!
  119. So this year it really is about voting for the other guy
  120. True Stupidity: Sarah Palin On Evolution
  121. More birther fun
  122. "Foreclosure Mess"
  123. Can anyone recommend a Libertarian message board?
  124. Does a Candidate's Views on Homosexuality Dictate how a Gay Person Will Vote?
  125. Teabagger Whacktard Pat Sajak Says NO To Cops and Firemen Voting?
  126. Gay Bashing Carl Paladino Was Gay Bar Landlord
  127. Vote for "Rich Whitey"
  128. Death of Tyler Clementi: The Toxic Effect of Privacy Erosion
  129. Do we like to pretend we are in Nazi Germany?
  130. David Hicks gives his side of the story of Guantanamo and his capture
  131. The Sarah Palin Voter Guide
  132. Republicans complain about library display
  133. More same I can't believe in
  134. Arthur Robinson from OISM another Teabagger Nutcase running for election
  135. Dilbert Party Economics!
  136. tea party / nazi party
  137. Sharon Angle wants to shut down the US-Canadian border
  138. More Tea Party Hilarity
  139. California Prop. 19- Legalized Marijuana
  140. Islamophobes boycott Campbell's Soup
  141. Bank, Auto rescues aren't getting the credit they deserve
  142. Reagan: 'Tear Down This Wall'; Joe Miller: 'Build Up This Wall'
  143. Little-known fact: Obama cut income taxes
  144. Joe Miller's Unliscenced Security Guards 'Arrest' Reporter (Ping Lawyers)
  145. [Merged] Christine O'Donnell: "Where in the Constitution is separation of Church and State?"
  146. Now it's just getting sad...
  147. Is Joe Miller a Tax Cheat?
  148. Carl Paladino Is Mad
  149. [Merged] Hey Girlfriend, It's Ginny From the Block!
  150. [Merged] You all look alike to me
  151. O'donnell web site misspells her name
  152. Republicans win big by only kindof sucking.
  153. The Rent Is Too Damn High.
  154. All In The Family-POTUS Obama & Sarah Palin Are Cousins
  155. White House Rejects Gay Judicial Nominee for Being Anti-Christian
  156. Glenn Beck bottoms out on the stupid boat.
  157. Taxing those who work hard, an issue of fairness
  158. [Ed] Is my logic sound? - Harry Reid and Viagra for RSOs
  159. Joe Miller's Ethics Violation
  160. Citizens United vs Electioneering
  161. Oh, you mean THAT Dred Scott.
  162. Republican victory could mean higher taxes
  163. Defund NPR, PBS?
  164. (VIDEO) My seven-year-old daughter talks about unemployment and immigration.
  165. What is Joe Miller's Mysterious Disability?
  166. My gripe about Michael Savage
  167. "We can't allow tax cuts for the rich to expire!!"
  168. Former NYC teachers get 120% of former salary in pension
  169. Gays sad they aren't shoving things down America's throat
  170. My interview with Glenn Beck
  171. Obama thinks he's King-but is hypocrite
  172. Dem candidate tells Obama to shove it
  173. Obama leaves out "creator" phrase in speeches three times in past few weeks
  174. Rand Paul supporter tries to 'curb' a Moveon.org member
  175. Bill O'Reilly talking about "The Muslim Problem" again... thoughts on this?
  176. "Clarance Thomas was not stable" - Former girlfriend
  177. Green Skies
  178. Satanists in Oklahoma
  179. If you let them, they will steal it.
  180. Tea Party leader: "Get Muslim out of Congress"
  181. Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana?
  182. Bigots oppose another NYC mosque
  183. Abolish the CIA?
  184. Double Dip Recession looming
  185. Terrorists fund C street house?
  186. Evidence of democratic voter fraud?
  187. [Merged] Teabagger Whacktard Christine O’Donnell Threatens To Sue Delaware Radio Station
  188. Talk about a special interest influencing an election …
  189. Tea Party candidate a cold blooded murderer and war criminal
  190. Local paper issues strict rules to reporters attending rallies
  191. Debate: Should the Senate filibuster rule be abolished?
  192. Arizona legislators at it again?
  193. A one night stand with Christine O'Donnell
  194. Obama appears on Daily Show. And..... meh
  195. Pres. Carter talks Isreal in Book
  196. The Onion's take on this year's elections
  197. Challenge to those accusing the Dems of "socialism"
  198. [Merged] Scientific Proof Liberalism is a Birth Defect / Genetically disposed
  199. Democrats Getting Desperate- going Ad Hominem
  200. Is Rand Paul the JREF all-time favorite candidate?
  201. Another interesting story out of Arizona
  202. Has the TSA ever saved the day?
  203. Should Kendrick Meek drop out?
  204. Pentagon's Threat Prediction System Would Scan E-mails and Text
  205. Sarcasm is lost on Sarah Palin.
  206. National debt
  207. National debt
  208. Should children be subject to new TSA screening procedures?
  209. Christopher Hitchens versus Julian Assange
  210. Teabagger Whacktard Christine O'Donnell: Satanic Human Sacrifice Happens on Halloween
  211. Is Rand Paul nutty?
  212. Brain washed, ready to vote republicain
  213. CBS employees discuss fabricating stories?
  214. Mitch McConnell's "single most important thing we want to achieve"
  215. "Conservatism" an invention by the bourgeoisie
  216. What fraction of the US public are ignorant hicks?
  217. Obama's religion: Fox News finds new evidence
  218. Why you should vote Democrat tomorrow
  219. Non-partisan Article
  220. DNC promoting tea party
  221. I'm Not Voting Tomorrow, And Here's Why
  222. 20 reasons Democrats are the walking dead
  223. Real Hope For Change ...
  224. If Barbara Boxer is reelected … we will know why
  225. 10 of 11 Poorest States Are Red States!
  226. Election tomorrow! Cycle 2, 4, 6
  227. "Infomercial" accuses Pres. Obama of receiving funding from Hamas (plus other things)
  228. "Progressives" just an invention of the rightist conservative media!
  229. Is Obama a Keynesian? LOL!
  230. Will Palin do to national GOP in 2012 what O'Donnell did to Del. GOP in 2010?
  231. Republican agenda for the House in 2011
  232. Am I possibly on the hook here?
  233. Obama's Indian Vacation To Cost $600 MILLION?
  234. 2010 Election Results
  235. Tea-Bagger wackjob O'Donnell loses in Delaware
  236. None of the pundits are talking about the pending tax increases
  237. Prop 19 (Legalizing Marijuana) in CA going down in flames..
  238. Conservatives - celebrate your conquest with a victory trip
  239. Teabagger Heroes Humiliated At The Polls
  240. Dead Candidate Winning
  241. Now what?
  242. Governor Moonbeam Is Back!
  243. Republican Energy Plan
  244. Bush Snr: Atheists not Patriots or Citizens Debunked?
  245. Republicans and Conservatives will NOT learn the lessons of O'Donnell & Angle
  246. California restricts welfare benefits
  247. President Obama Loves the Super Rich and Wants Them to Be Richer
  248. The Tea Party cost the GOP the Senate
  249. The Oregon Sweep
  250. Noam Chomsky on the Iranian Threat