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  1. Dumbing down America = CTs
  2. Major Australian News Paper SLAMS Loose Change
  3. William Rodriguez Supports The Official Story
  4. On Debating
  5. NIST doesnt release their computer models (now they've done it!)
  6. Poomeroo
  7. 9/11 Physics from Non-Experts
  8. Rothschilds Killed Lincoln?
  9. Jews Did WTC - A discussion in Wal-Mart
  10. Accurate representations of 9/11 truth movement?
  11. Prove your ties to the NWO!
  12. Da Joooooooos
  13. Footage of Ailen Craft on the MOON!
  14. Some help from those with Mathematical knowledge
  15. John Kerry - to much conspiracies for conspiracists.
  16. The unbearable double standards of the Truthers
  17. Heat animation from NIST final report
  18. Conspiracists and gun nuts
  19. UFO - government cover up?
  20. Kevin Ryan's lawsuit - Update and Court documents here
  21. Are we refusing the possibility of Plato's cave?
  22. There is no debate on 9/11...
  23. XKCD on Conspiracy Theories
  24. E. Howard Hunt and JFK
  25. Which one is the worst 9/11 conspiracy movie this far?
  26. David Graham
  27. Moon hoax cartoon by xkcd...
  28. Bruce Willis Joins the Woo (on JFK that is)
  29. Kevin “Bounty Hunter” Barrett
  30. simulation, science, and de twoof
  31. How many "smoking guns" have the twoofers found so far?
  32. OpEd News loves 9/11 Deniers
  33. Poll: How is the special moderation on this forum working out?
  34. Jihad at Fort Dix
  35. Final Insult Predictions
  36. Threat from Canada
  37. Final Cut Press Release
  38. Richard Gage - An Architect for 9/11 Twoof
  39. 911 Comission report confirms Atta got the cash
  40. The secret of secret societies
  41. Kent State shootings conspiracy
  42. Clip of Wally Miller on 9/11 Conspriacy Files?
  43. It's all just a little bit of history repeating!
  44. MWO Planning False Flag Terror Event To Stop The Final Cut!!
  45. Chippy vs. Killtown debate starts again
  46. Why LIHOP is getting more and more credible
  47. Mark Dice cult stalk Paris Hilton
  48. Attention US Lawyers
  49. Debunking Request
  50. Another Fine Peer Reviewed Letter in JONES
  51. New Kid on the Fantasist Block
  52. KFI640.com John Ziegler Show addresses 911 Conspiracy Theories
  53. Anyone seen this used to prove CD?
  54. NWO Corporations
  55. Will Loose Change Final Cut start with a mysterious quote?
  56. Info request
  57. I Sense A Conspiracy Afoot...
  58. The Dylan is in the Details
  59. New Gordon Ross Paper
  60. Lolcat that sums up CTist evidence
  61. Loose Change Final Cut Trailer
  62. The LOST ACE - No Planer Pleads for Austrian Libertarians to Lend An Ear
  63. The Official Story is the Simplest Answer
  64. Call to the Bullpen
  65. What piece of Boeing is this?
  66. More Pentagon Witnesses
  67. IS Do-Over going to drop no-planes at the pentagon?
  68. Time to Lie video suggestions
  69. Their Latest Trick - Denying Debunkers' Qualifications?
  70. WTC 7 reported collapsed early by BBC
  71. Rense's Herman calls Debunkers "Junk Scientists" and truthers....
  72. Bruins United a Member of the Zionist Conspiracy Responsible for 9/11
  73. Border Security and Illegal Immigration
  74. A Very Convenient Disaster - in 1854
  75. Radiation, Nuclear Power, Atom Bombs Are A Jooish Lie OMG!!!
  76. David Ray Griffin (Truth in Politics) Meeting from 10/03/2004
  77. Tarpley vs. Colmes - Fox is Getting Better
  78. Killtown & His Frozen Fireball
  79. Firefighters - molten steel and molten metal
  80. The Spire on WTC 2
  81. Kenya Airways Flight 507
  82. Never before seen footage (perhaps)
  83. You've gotta love the numbers....
  84. Questions about the collapse and then the global collapse
  85. 911 Truthers and Professional Experts
  86. WIlliam Rodriguez Update
  87. Building the WTC
  88. 07-07-07..Date of Next False Flag?
  89. 9-11 Truther Marine???
  90. JFK Investigator Dies
  91. Collapse of Steel Reinforced concrete just like WTC
  92. Is the FBI Reading Your E-mail?
  93. Truthers debunking their own guru, Griffin
  94. Could Use a Hand
  95. Real conspiracies (stuff that actually happened or probably did)
  96. Dr. Gene Corley awarded the 2007 National Engineering Award
  97. Stephen Jones - New Paper - Discovery of the Scientific Method
  98. Do you think nobody cares?
  99. Need Some Help
  100. Debunking Pinnochio's Nose
  101. The Brawl On the Phone Call: Screw Loose Change Versus Loose Change Debate
  102. nation of islam
  103. WTC7 NIST Final Report - Truthers not even willing to wait...
  104. 9/11 Deniers to appear on the View
  105. Corrupt Police Frame David Bain? A NZ CT?
  106. Is there Any Truth to Any of This?
  107. Hey twoofers: why does pre-9/11 analysis trump post-9/11 analysis?
  108. the burger king conspiracy
  109. Alien Invasion: The New CT?
  110. Wolfowitz, Power of the NWO, and 9-11
  111. Benefitting from the (stupidity of the) "Truth Movement"
  112. Where can I privately upload a video?
  113. Report From Ground Zero, By Dennis Smith
  114. The biggest problem facing the "Truth Movement"
  115. JFK -- Here we go again
  116. My next "Secret" Video - Anyone?
  117. The behind the scene guys.
  118. Giuliani Indicted!
  119. Rosie Books Her Experts for the View
  120. Belz...'s Conspiracy Theory Participant's Awards
  121. Loose Changers Call No-Planers "Nuts"
  122. Does anyone else back up William Rodriguez's story?
  123. Rick Siegel promotes fake video
  124. How do truthers explain this?
  125. Dear Conspiracy Theorists: Read This
  126. Executive producer for Loose Change Final Cut, Alex Jones!
  127. Excellent Paper
  128. Hooray Me!
  129. Willie Gets Some Advice
  130. 9/11 Deniers Speak - Ground Zero Edition
  131. Why no conspiracy around Mark David Chapman?
  132. What twoofers SHOULD be doing but aren't
  133. Brainster made Steven Jones apologize on behalf of Bermas!
  134. I found the conspiracy...
  135. Maybe it's time to refocus
  136. Investigating Johnny Wave
  137. Why no "Dying 1st Responders For Truth"?
  138. Too Much CT Slush!
  139. Twoofer gives up the fight - but not because he's wrong
  140. planning a more formal debate internet radio show
  141. Loose Change: Don't sue us because we care Edition
  142. A Challenge From the ATS'ers
  143. Oh, those patriots at LCF
  144. Feeble Performance by Lee Hamilton
  145. Anyone interested in debunking Pandora's Box Chapter Two?
  146. This is what happens when Conspriacy Theories gain ground...
  147. Putting Gordon Ross to rest
  148. Reclaiming History - The Amazon reviews
  149. Producers of Loose Change to Appear on The View This Thursday
  150. A Gravy Paper: William Rodriguez, Escape Artist
  151. Gravysites: Where 9/11 Conspiracies are Laid to Rest
  152. Do we have another Truther engineer.....
  153. Fox News actually did a funny
  154. pdoherty wishes to debate The Doc
  155. Free Money!
  156. Help with upcoming truther debate (hijacker evidence)
  157. "Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."
  158. The Collapse of WTC1 and 2
  159. Real conspiracy (Not interesting enough for them?)
  160. "I Helped The U.S. Army Plan The 9/11 Attacks"
  161. The Lost Promises of Dylan Avery
  162. Gravy's The Ground Zeros Part 1: Google Video
  163. Source of Iron Spherules Revealed to Be...Drumroll Please
  164. Comments from well meaning- mature denier.
  165. A 911 letter in a local newspaper
  166. Billy Joe MacAllister Conspiracy
  167. Is NIST Faking it?
  168. My First Ever Banning
  169. Using the twoof to escape justice
  170. Timothy...down in that mine.
  171. Border Security Poll
  172. Molten steel and molten aluminium
  173. Silverstein to get $2 Billion More
  174. New Purdue WTC1 Simulation
  175. I laughed, and I cried.... Oh you CT lot...
  176. Crazy Alert
  177. Which is the best answer to this poll?
  178. Hamburg Cell questions
  179. About the truth movement gaining momentum
  180. Unofficial Final Cut announcement thread
  181. Steve Jones and WTC dust analysis
  182. 9/11 death toll rises
  183. Huge Cash Prize for Twoofer Goofs
  184. Troofer Statistics
  185. North Tower Collapse Photo Request
  186. Twoofers and experts
  187. High School Lecture on 9-11 Conspiracy Theories
  188. Distortion Of Fact - Samples for Critique
  189. Question on timing
  190. Court TV and the Bible
  191. Does this subforum change minds?
  192. Goodbye Rosie
  193. Do-over's got a new video clip
  194. Video of car passing past the pentagon on fire
  195. Purdue Univ. simulation of WTC 1 hit
  196. Proof of no demolition
  197. Full NTSB AA77 animation download
  198. Alex Jones invited to attend the Bilderberg meeting.
  199. Undesired Walrus's brand spanking debunking video extravaganza
  200. Steel Plus fire
  201. A new friend
  202. Can anyone remember the thread...
  203. LC:FC Opening: Over/Under 100 Screens?
  204. Loose Change Airs in Israel
  205. Conspiracy Quiz
  206. Shhen rethinks role in LC:FC
  207. Sheen rethinks role in LC:FC
  208. Do-Over Kills "Freefall Speed" Canard
  209. RAW Story: EPA scientists says agency was hiding dangers
  210. No Israeli "False-Flag" to Destroy Palestine?
  211. National Treasure 2 to mention NWO type of conspiracy??
  212. WTC heating system or electrical explosions?
  213. Where do debunkers come from?
  214. Whoo Boy.
  215. Linky-Dinky Parlez-Vous?
  216. Could Dylan Avery possibly be a bigger hypocrite?
  217. Debate for Gravy
  218. Norad
  219. Request for Aircraft Impact Compilation Video
  220. Digg.com Hijack by Conspiracy Theorists
  221. Remember the gullibility test
  222. Request for information on Hanjar in flight 77
  223. Tough week to be a truther
  224. My attempt to change my friend
  225. Rosie, Fox "News" and 9/11
  226. This One is Rich
  227. CF example of physics in Tower's collapse
  228. Miss Universe 2007 Conspiracy
  229. [Moderated]175 did NOT hit the South tower.
  230. $500 for confirmed pic of terrorists boarding planes
  231. Twoofers "confront" Guiliani, get press, irritate me
  232. Online Literacy, Conspiracies and the Endangered Tree Octopus
  233. Judy Wood's new paper?
  234. When Will 9/11 Go the Way of Apollo?
  235. [Merged]architects and engineers for 9/11 truth = SCAM!
  236. Happy UK DAVE Birthday!
  237. Same missile?
  238. LC:FC Exclusive Evidence LEAKED!
  239. What is YOUR price to commit murder?
  240. 'WeAreChange' confronts David Rockefeller
  241. Fantasy Movement Suffers Knockdown
  242. How Far Will Truthers Go?
  243. What happened to the hunger strike?
  244. What was Donald Rumsfeld thinking about on 9/10/2001 ?
  245. Subliminals at the flicks?
  246. Switchover CTs begin: "I bussed Nairobi responders before attack!"
  247. I've been banned from YouTube
  248. The Salem witch trials and L.S.D.
  249. June 2007 Stundie Nominations
  250. Homeland Security calls on science fiction writers