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  1. NORAD Question
  2. Ellen Mariani Lawsuit
  3. The Forrest Gump of Assassination Conspiracies
  4. THEY work in mysterious ways
  5. What will signal the death of the 9-11 Truth Movemant?
  6. [Moderated]List Of NYC Firefighters Who Think Bombs Brought Down The Towers
  7. Looking for WTC 1/2 core pictures (and others)
  8. Can anyone explain this picture(s) to me?
  9. "Jersey Girls"
  10. William Cooper
  11. Do Skeptics have "off" days?
  12. NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
  13. The Credit Crunch
  14. Loose Change still pandering to Neo-Nazis
  15. Is it Krazy Kevin?
  16. New Yorkers Hate 9-11 Truthers
  17. Should I be a little nicer to Truthers?
  18. Engineer society accused of cover-ups ,
  19. 9/11 FDNY involvement
  20. WTC7 Revisited
  21. Richard Linklater- 9/11 Conspiracy theorist? Don't count on it.
  22. More NWO CTist fodder -- Obama is related to Brad Pitt, and Hillary Clinton to Jolie.
  23. Atlantis Is Not a Myth or Fictional
  24. Should I be a little nicer to debunkers?
  25. A question you can actually answer Truthers
  26. Why did the collapse of WTC 7 look like a controlled demolition?
  27. Oswald's ghost
  28. Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
  29. Whatever happened to "Mike the EMT" & Kevin "WTC7 Countdown" McPadden?
  30. My First Truther?
  31. Larry Silverstein Sues Airlines For $12.3 Billion
  32. Flouridation
  33. Anonymous foot soldiers of the Illuminate
  34. Accusations against Silverstein
  35. [Merged] "Pull It" (Stop yawning people!)
  36. Keeping a secret (The conspiracy of deliciousness)
  37. Why the burden of proof is on the Truthers
  38. The latest on Anthrax Attacks
  39. "Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies For Dummies" Is Disinfo !
  40. oooops
  41. CIT.....Time to call it a day
  42. Zeitgeist; Changing me?!?!
  43. Where did the right wing hit the Pentagon? Or is Gravy wrong?
  44. Does Alex Jones really believe in CTs or is using them to sell his politics?
  45. Zeitgeist Part 1 Debunking
  46. Barack and Bush are related (as are Hillary and Camilla Parker-Bowles!)
  47. Big Oil Squashing Natural Gas Cars??
  48. Good Books on Conspiracy Theories?
  49. The Lazy Man’s Guide To Creating Conspiracy Theories
  50. Top Comedian now supports 9-11 Truth!!!
  51. David Ray Griffin: "you don’t have to have a theory"
  52. Questioning al Qaeda's capability
  53. GAGE: Response to NIST's Invitation for Written Comments
  54. Hitler Was A British Agent
  55. No planer on FOX News.
  56. Vote for the March 2008 Stundies
  57. April nomiations for teh 28th AnNual Stundies
  58. We Are Know What Tommorow Is....
  59. Alex Jones' Big Announcemant!!!!
  60. History Commons website
  61. [Merged]9/11 conspiracy theories demeaning to Al Qaeda
  62. "Chemtrails."
  63. 707 Lost in fog and trying to land @ 600 MPH?
  64. Moderator Conspiracy
  65. 9/11 promotions
  66. Jon Anderson of Yes questions official story of 9-11
  67. Challenge to CIT
  68. I am joining the Truth Movement
  69. Megiddo, The March to Armaggeddon
  70. Truth Movement Descends Into Nihilism
  71. Hypothesis
  72. No Awards Or Honors For Truthers?
  73. History channel claiming that the military infected US population with anthrax/etc?
  74. The World's Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories
  75. Favorite Conspiracy Theory?
  76. For You Skeptics Who Claim that the Journal of 9/11 Studies Was Not Peer-Reviewed
  77. Kickin' Truther Ass
  78. What does the Truth Movement accomplish by trying to "pwn" debunkers?
  79. Patches Hold Clues to the Secret Machinations of Our Alien Overlords
  80. UN Appoints Ivy Leauge Troofer Official Israel Basher
  81. It's official: Obama in on it
  82. Jesse Ventura STAYS Woo
  83. The Pentagon lamp posts, advice required.
  84. [Merged]Peer-reviewed technical paper to appear in mainstream journal
  85. For those who think Airliners can't fly low...
  86. Cyborgs?
  87. So Oprah is the Anti-Christ
  88. Dictator Cheney:What specific "official version" conclusions do you disagree with?
  89. Week Of Truth
  90. This Is Disgusting…
  91. The 10 Characteristics of Conspiracy Theorists
  92. Finally some honesty from DR Griffin!
  93. Mukasey LIHOP Gaffe?
  94. A question regarding Al Qaeda
  95. Who is Ian Henshall?
  96. Gage's public speaking schedule
  97. Stundie's big "paper"
  98. Sonny Bono Murdered by Gangsters
  99. How long will it take
  100. OKC Multiple Incendiary Devices
  101. Fanta and the Nazis
  102. Bill Maher calls Esai Morales a "Conspiacy Theorist"...
  103. Been Away from LC Forum for 2 Weeks
  104. Ten Top Ongoing Conspiracies of 2008
  105. Liquid Bomb plot
  106. Why do CTists never cite CT books?
  107. more proof of truthers wearing out their welcome
  108. CIA and torture
  109. 'Molten' metal found at WTC 1, 2, and 7, 8 weeks after 9-11?
  110. Considerable videos...
  111. The kitchen sink conspiracy - Bush, John Roberts and the Pope
  112. History of the Freemasons?
  113. Pre 9/11 Alex Jones - How It All Started
  114. Seismology
  115. Okay... what exactly is a "stundie?"
  116. Ba-Ba-Booey! Ba-Ba-Booey!
  117. AA77's and UA93's FDR Report
  118. I use get annoyed when
  119. Split from: Jews - Emotions...Martin Bryant
  120. What is the relevance of what caused the hole in the C-Ring?
  121. New WTC demolition evidence?
  122. Jesse Ventura on Opie and Anthony - Audio
  123. Hey, My Mind Is Made Up,Don't Confuse Me With Facts....
  124. An analysis of the Scholars for 9/11 T&J's absurd & questionable member roster
  125. Spooked911's "Svengali of Stupid" Lays an Egg
  126. Killtown a JREFer?
  127. Digital Radio Problems
  128. Older footage: Romney on 9/11 Truth
  129. 911 twoofer here
  130. A Massive World-Wide Conspiracy
  131. What are the TM's most absurd accusations of conspiracy and/or coverup?
  132. 7/7 Bombing Conspiracy theory trials kick off!
  133. Science and Da Twoof
  134. Beachnut
  135. Squibs +flashes
  136. Just because you're paranoid, does that mean they're not out to get you?
  137. Fake Skeptics
  138. Perhaps some rethinking in order for David Shayler and co.
  139. CIT is protecting the 911 perps; and betraying us all
  140. "You guys obviously haven't done your research"
  141. I met my first truther.
  142. UN Human Rights Official Calls for Investigation into NeoCon role in 9/11
  143. 9/11 Co-Conspirator Charge Sheet Discussion
  144. Help! My child is a troother!
  145. Was It Something I Said?
  146. Question about Howard Hughes and Enron
  147. Which is it, truthers: bombs or thermite?
  148. Priceless Twoofer Wisdom
  149. Ron and Reheat "CIA koolaid drinking frauds"?
  150. BBC Conspiracy Files: WTC7
  151. Why do CTers get so angry when questioned?
  152. The Man Who Predicted The Attacks
  153. Richard Gage at UC Berkeley
  154. Screw Loose Change On Calgary Radio
  155. Flight 93 cover up?...is it justified?
  156. GodIsEnergy, please show your evidence you useto support your beliefs in this thread.
  157. Which is it Debunkers? And you're not going to get angry are you?
  158. Molten Metal In The Street!
  159. CTists-- Please list your personal accomplishments
  160. Dylan Avery late 2007- "It isn't Flight 175"
  161. Alicia Keys Conspiracy Theory...
  162. Inquiring minds want to know: are "truthers" conspiracy theorists?
  163. Hollywood
  164. Banned at breakfornews???
  165. Flickering lights "before" Flight 93 crash explained?
  166. Al Qeada say 9/11 conspiracy theories 'ridiculous'
  167. Could you be friends with a troother?
  168. Penn & Teller and James Randi - Gatekeepers?
  169. New UK Truth Documentary
  170. Why do so many non-Americans weigh in about 9/11 here?
  171. The Truth Movement - RIP 2001-2008
  172. Are troothers masochists?
  173. The Full Dr. Judy E-Mail
  174. Why do we need so many 9/11 Truth documentaries?
  175. History Channel Hit Piece(s) on Today
  176. Debunkers, please list your personal accomplishments
  177. Who investigated 9/11?
  178. Star Wars isn't all that it's made out to be..... according to idiotic CTers
  179. 14 structural engineers for "truth"
  180. Unanswered Questions And The New Investigation
  181. 19 hijackers in a cave strawman
  182. "Illuminati card game" from 1995 predicting 9-11?
  183. NIST releases final report on WTC7!!!!
  184. What were the minders in the room for?
  185. Who are the most powerful secret society?
  186. ISI Saudi 9/11 Bush?
  187. Afghanistan conspiracy?
  188. The REAL question is, how many Truthers are going to READ the final WTC7 report?
  189. Truth movement demolition experts
  190. The Age of Terror
  191. Is 1908 kg of explosives enough to bring down a WTC Tower?
  192. David Icke anti-semite?
  193. Conspiracy unraveled - Mystery behind Mediterranean undersea cable cuts likely solved
  194. Debunking "There wouldn't have to be that many people in on it"
  195. Ben Stein Expelled
  196. WTC collapses - Layman's terms again
  197. Black Smoke=Incomplete Combustion?
  198. Dissension In The Ranks At Truthstock!
  199. Alex Jones busted profiting from a race-hate group
  200. Ahmadinejad Calls September 11 Attacks a 'Suspicious Event'
  201. Hey CTers! Where ARE You guys?
  202. Look at JREF's Talk Page on Wikipedia
  203. Steve Alten On The Mike McConnell Show
  204. Scheuerman Clarifies His Involvement with Gage's Group
  205. CIT refuses to name which media outlets and authorities they have contacted.
  206. My apologizes to TC329/Dom. I am a CIA Plant!
  207. "Let's Roll" Real transcript or Hyperbole?
  208. Engineers and CD pros
  209. 9/11truth.org on life support, pleads for help
  210. The Return Of 'Dr.' Pepper...
  211. NORAD Releases more 9/11 audio
  212. Looking for feedback on a text I wrote
  213. Nico Haupt goes crazy on NYC Subway
  214. Alex Jones anti-semite
  215. Does the Illuminati even exist?
  216. Offer to the Truth Movement: Let's Settle It
  217. NIST - court of Law, expert witness?
  218. BBC & Advertising
  219. Another interesting email, with SOUND
  220. Alex Jones Arrested!
  221. WTC collapses - Layman's terms the 3rd ;-)
  222. John Stewart: Claimed by truthers as "one of them"
  223. Just thermite the building it was in! (Freedom Tower Blueprints found in trash)
  224. Eyewitness Accounts Sought for 'Hardfire'
  225. Poststructuralist conspiracy theories?
  226. Australia's new Governor-General
  227. The Real Illuminati vs Conspiracy Illuminati.
  228. Zimbabwe CT
  229. Whatever happened to proving that thermite took down the WTC?
  230. 9/11 Debunking for Dummies
  231. Whatever happened to bringing the criminals of 9/11 to justice?
  232. Truther made Depressed by "Chemtrails"
  233. Living in Trutherville, USA
  234. "It makes you think ..."
  235. Black, White or a Touch of Grey?
  236. 9/11, The Comedy (What The **Rule 10**!)
  237. Defending Alex Jones
  238. Pseudoscience
  239. A simple question.
  240. New "Different" 9/11 Films coming soon - Alex Jones & Jason Bermas
  241. Real threats to America, hype, or conspiracy theory?
  242. United 93 FDR data does not support observed events.
  243. Alex Jones and his Jew obsessed friend
  244. Fire causses building collapse in philly
  245. "Concrete Smashing" via exotic beam device
  246. How many people would it take to fake the Holocaust
  247. Another Hush a' Boom and a laugh
  248. A Few Questions about Anti-Semitism in this Forum
  249. Alicia Keys: "Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other"
  250. Info needed on Silverstein and his win/loss