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  1. Hitchens on the radio
  2. Would you buy a house with a creepy past?
  3. Come on, psychics....prove your worth.
  4. Coca-Cola Experiment Question
  5. Kirk Cameron on O'Reilly Tonight?
  6. StopSylviaBrowne: Followup to "Jewelry w/a 'Quality Issue'"
  7. Newest Catholic Saint accused of trickery
  8. France: new double-blind experiment about dowsing
  9. The Secret vs. Uri Geller
  10. "Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination"?
  11. The Money Factor
  12. Is this REALLY proof people can see into the future?
  13. "Scientific testing" of Distance Healing
  14. Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture
  15. History of Disbelief, Doubt
  16. Row over Scientology video
  17. (Ed) Psychics go to Portugal in search of missing child
  18. Do you think bees are hyperdimensional?
  19. The Super Corridor
  20. "Mence" - sound too good to be true?
  21. Kent Hovind in solitary confinement?
  22. I'm seriously freaked out.
  23. Outperforming psychics - or perhaps it's real?
  24. Randi exploits the skeptics just like Sylvia exploits the grieving.
  25. "Randi should flood the market with fake psychics."
  26. Curseme.com...
  27. Video of a Taoist physician starting a fire with his mind
  28. Hypnosis in MDC?
  29. I'm thinking of a T.V. show...
  30. The Department of Positive Out of Body Possibilities
  31. AA Allen cures a girl's "short leg" in the 1950s
  32. I know what you will do after you read this thread.
  33. Are other dimensions really possible?
  34. Alternative Medicine!
  35. Wrong end of stick?
  36. death of a cult leader
  37. I saw something that wasn't there
  38. I've Started A New Skeptics Group - Help!
  39. Test your psychic ability
  40. Help! Health fair has accupunction today
  41. More Fun with Homeopath Dana Ullman, MPH(!)
  42. Recap of the latest Montel...
  43. Geller threatens legal action against Brian Flemming
  44. Astrologer picks American Idol Winner!!
  45. Kent Hovind's 1996 tax case: I'm not a US citizen, therefore I don't pay taxes
  46. Email From an Apparent Sylvia Browne Fan
  47. StopSylviaBrowne: Dr. Dean Edell
  48. Faith healer Kenneth Copeland exposť
  49. Wanted: debunking of financial advisors, managers, planners, stock brokers...
  50. After the antiradiation facial spray, now a deodorant that works with your biorhythm!
  51. Crop circles meet Scientology!
  52. Favourite paranormal footage
  53. "Psychics DO Work With Police"
  54. Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box
  55. Randi and a medium!
  56. Then WTF then is a zodiac, Mr. Young?
  57. Stupid Montel
  58. Help me prove to my mom blood type diets are crap
  59. Artificial Sweeteners
  60. 419eater.com
  61. Jesus gets a whomping from Dad (or Zeus)
  62. Sylvia Browne on "The Soup"
  63. Greasy Fry.
  64. nde--read the interview with fenwick
  65. Sylvia Browne: apathetic psychic
  66. Dr. Quack on Oprah
  67. Ghostwalk Guide faces Sack - for scepticism
  68. "God's Dental Assistant" makes testable claims
  69. "The gods procreated with Bigfoot to creat Man"
  70. Does Sam Harris have "faith" in psychics?
  71. What the heck is this thing?
  72. Panorama. "Wi-fi:A warning Signal"
  73. When the Dr. Msc. PhD's go berserk || a lot of laugh from woo woo land.
  74. Captive shark had "virgin" birth
  75. Mystic says to man 'You'll Be So Happy'.....
  76. Woo of the Week
  77. My quite interesting question
  78. Novus Spiritus Delaware Church
  79. Death Threat Spam, Spam, Eggs, Bacon and Spam
  80. Psychic Spam
  81. Most Helpful Website of the Day.
  82. This forum is trying to communicate with me...
  83. UFOs invade Bournemouth (with video)
  84. Hayhouse prints 'tribute' to Sylvia Browne
  85. Critical Thinking About My ... Pool
  86. People who have had near-death experiences...
  87. Seawind and whiskey
  88. StopSylvia Browne: Follow-up to Shawn Hornbeck
  89. StopSylviaBrowne - Montel: Eve Brown Reading
  90. StopSylviaBrowne: "I have never nor ever will charge..."
  91. A premonition...
  92. Alien Theme Park
  93. David Ray Griffin, Parapsychology Supporter?
  94. StopSylviaBrowne: Exploring Psychic Powers Live!
  95. An even bigger "hogzilla"
  96. A comic about astrology that gets it right
  97. Christopher Hitchens: Astrology Not the Only Cosmic Hoax
  98. 'New' medium Char trying to sucker people...
  99. John Benneth on YouTube
  100. Dorothy Allison -- police psychic
  101. Sylvia Browne contacts the spirit of Agatha Christie
  102. "Yeshua-Do"
  103. Allison DuBois, what cases has she claimed to work on?
  104. Science and Psychic Powers
  105. Your opinions on sensing being stared at.
  106. Creation Museum - Video
  107. I had a precognitive dream
  108. StopSylviaBrowne - Montel: Renquin/Nelson/DesVergnes Reading
  109. "Acubeads" - acupressure for your ears.
  110. Tha's nae ordinary rabbit!
  111. Who Needs J. Randi's Challenge?
  112. Natural Cure for Heartworms
  113. Stupid astrologer indulges in Randi-bashing on YouTube
  114. QUANTEC GmbH
  115. Homeopathy, the paranormal and faith healers: the evasion of skeptisism
  116. How alternative medicine appeared to work for me.
  117. A Buddist has an NDE
  118. More useless information from Browne: Kristine Kupka
  119. Another Browne reading tied to the Hornbeck case?
  120. Guilty of false advertising?
  121. Novus Spiritus Falling Apart at the Seams...
  122. StopSylviaBrowne - Novus Spiritus: Delaware Breaks Away
  123. Japanese Ghost Girl
  124. Browne wrong again: Jamie Barker
  125. If you had a psychic ability...?
  126. Why is exposing Uri geller so important?
  127. 'Faith-Healing' Brothers Charged in Scam
  128. William Parcher
  129. ATTN RSLancaster
  130. Nessie's Back!
  131. New Nessie Footage
  132. Anyone heard of psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison?
  133. Madeleine McCann. The psychics are a pouncing
  134. Sylvia's Waiting List
  135. Are psychics harmless?
  136. When is animal testing not animal testing?
  137. Novus Lightbulb moment question
  138. Browne wrong again: Lori Pleasants
  139. Clods Believe Mysterious Image Appears In Photograph
  140. Anyone know about Dr. Dick Bierman?
  141. Help me fight the woo!
  142. Defending Sylvia....
  143. Stop Robert Lancaster, Slanderer of Sylvia Browne
  144. Joseph W. McMoneagle remote viewing videos
  145. Sylvia Working With Sheriff?
  146. US vs UK Mediums
  147. John Hutchinson and levitating bowling balls!
  148. Gaydar
  149. Million Pound Nessie Challenge
  150. is skepticalinvestigations.org genuine?
  151. My experience with adolescents and skepticism.
  152. Skeptical Radio Whimsy: Jon Ronson on Radio 4
  153. Astral traveller gets lost in transit
  154. Recent photo of Jack Chick?
  155. Irrational fears
  156. Most Haunted Live in America
  157. RSLancaster you're invading my dreams!
  158. Is UFO debunker Kal Korff... feeling okay?
  159. Josh Gates: Destination Truth
  160. The Psychic & the Parrot
  161. Ashida Kim: Martial Arts Fraud
  162. Article: "Belief in Aliens Can Turn Deadly" (livescience.com)
  163. More police to deal with werewolves etc.
  164. Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner on Homeopathy
  165. Creationism in school
  166. Share the story of the first and last time you spent money on woo
  167. Ufo's in paintings!!!! NOT!!!!!
  168. My Telepathic Abilities
  169. Online psychic reading for Darat
  170. Strange meditation experiences
  171. TapeOp and homeopathy
  172. Betty Boop: Homeopath
  173. Michael Shermer Abducted by Aliens!
  174. StopSylviaBrowne - Montel: Amanda Berry Reading
  175. Walking Disaster Areas, or, Smart != Reasonable
  176. The JREF Library - book donations accepted?
  177. What could this be?
  178. Possible to deprogram my wife and her alt. health ways?
  179. Research On Speaking In Tongues?
  180. Thousands, hundreds or dozens? -- Sylvia Browne
  181. Yahoo "Health" Article
  182. 9/11 "White Elephant"?
  183. A radio turn-around
  184. Sugar pills a lucrative business
  185. Celebrity chef's lamb killed by "big cat".
  186. Georgia Governor prays for rain...
  187. Zeitgeist the Movie
  188. [Split thread] Are big cat sightings paranormal?
  189. Robert Lancaster didn't slander Sylvia Browne; and this is why
  190. Microwaves and pacemakers
  191. Another psychic swing and miss
  192. When crackpots collide ...
  193. The Medium that found the 2 Belgian girls
  194. Atmosphere beasts?
  195. Skeptic predicts future!
  196. Sense of Direction
  197. Former Novus & Sylvia folks-Do you still believe in the paranormal?
  198. (Split thread) Claim of (personal) proof of psychic powers
  199. I think I found the "Spruce Road" case Montel was talking about!
  200. Interested in a Deepak Chopra debunking?
  201. Am I a skeptic or a cynic?
  202. My parents book collection.
  203. The Harry Potter thing.
  204. Extraordinary claims and the burden of proof
  205. Sand On The Beach Analogy
  206. The Secret to You - Trouble in Utopia?
  207. Haunted pen on eBay!
  208. Will Insurance Cover Alternative Therapies?
  209. WTF - Randi the hypocrite?
  210. Sylvia Browne's 1986 "predictions"
  211. James Randi examines James Van Praagh in 1998
  212. Peter Popoff's miracle water involved in Chernobyl accident?
  213. "A great reception in heaven"
  214. dowsing related letter to newspaper editor
  215. Randi endorses Darren Brown??
  216. (Ed) Browne does a reading for a woman whose son was electrocuted
  217. Browne: No it's not a tumor
  218. Are skeptics well read in woo?
  219. Raelism proves Evolution wrong!!!
  220. Too Skeptical?
  221. Scammbed by a psychic.
  222. The Uri Geller Magnet Exposure
  223. Miracles that you have witnessed
  224. Maryland Fortuneteller Gets 18 Months for Bilking Clients
  225. Superstition in sports
  226. Tarot reader predicted lottery win!
  227. Woo in Neighbours!
  228. Browne wrong again: Terrence Farrell
  229. Long criticism of Raelian beliefs by a teenager
  230. Psychiatrists are here. Hide your children!
  231. Help on the nature of questioning
  232. Ken Ham pulling a Kent Hovind?
  233. Distinguishing pure woo from parody woo. "Dolphins have travelled the galaxy"
  234. Arrg! Woo website uses image of Harry Houdini in masthead.
  235. Explanation for hearing footsteps
  236. Great Men of History All Woos?
  237. What is this logical fallacy called?
  238. Woo vs. Woo
  239. OK, so where do I go to now?
  240. Howard Stern Asks For Sylvia, Gets "Psychic" Mary O Instead
  241. Recoilless Guns?
  242. Chiropractic Woo?
  243. Pentagon seeks 'Gay Bombs' and Psychic Teleportation
  244. 5
  245. Utah Ufo
  246. language vs evolution
  247. Pigasus Awards & Sheldrake
  248. Proving afterlife will make one "paranormal investigator" £1m
  249. Homeopathy "kills"
  250. Join Sylvia in Paris, France