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  1. What's with the massive growth of the doomsday prepper movement?
  2. Skepticism 101 quiz
  3. New Explanation for Famous UFO Case
  4. Green Powders Drinks (claim: 1 scoop=10+ Servings Fruits/Vegs) -- Real or SCAM?!?!
  5. Long Island Medium
  6. Ancient Aliens: What gives???
  7. StopSylvia Email: "unsubscribin from her site"
  8. "It's Philosophy!"
  9. Bigsploitation: The Making and Selling of Bigfoot
  10. Bigfoot hoax?
  11. Icon inviting naturopath
  12. Medium Char Margolis on Dr. Oz today
  13. Some herbs have properties like drugs, how come they're never as potent?
  14. It may get a lot worse before it gets any better
  15. Did a ghost make fruit roll-ups fly?
  16. Is homeopathy a sham?
  17. Bird-like wings carry man 330 feet
  18. Life with Kangen Water
  19. Ghost Hunting Flashlight Trick: Physical Explanation and Experiments
  20. UFOs over Dallas Ft Worth - Ideas?
  21. New Sedona coming up in France...
  22. Evidence that meditation reduces violence
  23. A die-hard ghost believer
  24. Haunted Vacation.
  25. Gastric band hypnosis weight loss program.
  26. Doubtful News Silenced?
  27. I just saw a UFO
  28. Crazy claims from Mayan documentarian
  29. psi wheel experiment
  30. Got a Question you'd like to Ask Nick Pope?
  31. Soooo....ghost mist
  32. Out of the mouths of babes....
  33. Jon Edward performance
  34. Need some more help with dealing with apparent "woo"
  35. Weird and Creepy
  36. James Randi exposes James Hydick
  37. General Services Administration and Bob Garner
  38. Are there less exposures of cons these days because they are on the lookout?
  39. Pentagon plan for telepathic soldiers
  40. Cosmic Memory by Rudolph Steiner
  41. Atheist Patrick Greene Converts to Christianity
  42. Randi rips the Long Island Medium over at Wired
  43. Does Television Brainwash People ?
  44. Conventional Wisdom
  45. Intellectual Laziness (2)
  46. The Great "Transhumanism" Debates!!!! :)
  47. UFO Sighting Video Montage (w. SCARY MUSIC!!!)
  48. StopSylvia mail; "Disappointed"
  49. Expose fake miracle, get arrested
  50. so is kundalini a dark magic
  51. Happy Friday the 13th! (how many superstitions can I break in a day . . . ?)
  52. Making skepticism entertaining?
  53. Artists, Writers, Editors, Web Designers...Online Comic Help
  54. Does this video seem full of new age bunk?
  55. Real haunting or attempt at lease breaking?
  56. ..in which I accidentally become a ghost
  57. Nibiru, Planet X and the Doomsday Magnetic Field
  58. StopSylvia email: "Needs Jesus"
  59. Nasal Ease
  60. There's a lesson for you UFOlogists here...
  61. Homeopathic mosquito repellent
  62. Highest court strikes down psychic Noreen Renier
  63. Massive earthquakes
  64. Hearing "phantom" footsteps in snow
  65. Is that possible
  66. Psychic scam protected by freedom of religion?
  67. strange noises
  68. Moving World deception!
  69. Cross post: best skeptical songs
  70. Psychic tip in Earl "Bubba" Kidder case, missing for two years
  71. Developing Your Own Psychic Powers - By John Edward
  72. Irritating Arguments Homeopaths Use
  73. StopSylvia email: I Wish I had seen your site earlier!
  74. Is Mainstream Skepticism turning into Fanaticism?
  75. Bigfoot prints, why so lame?
  76. Tarot Cards testing
  77. Mel-Meter
  78. [Merged] Swiss woman starved after 'eating' only light
  79. so guy belives he saw a demon
  80. The mythology of dismissive skeptics and the JREF
  81. StopSylvia email: (no subject)
  82. Discovery Network - Evil or Opiate?
  83. Hoagland will twist this one too...
  84. What do skeptics speculate about?
  85. Is anyone scared of ...
  86. Sylvia Browne Live
  87. Rejecting Skepticism
  88. how to track the bottom of a source of woo
  89. Police to look at phone calls from psychics in McCann Case
  90. Can a 2 year old speak 3 languages
  91. Sylvia Browne "helps" find Shane Anthony Walker
  92. Dr owour-prophet guy
  93. Shift Happens Radio - where woo bleeds from every orifice.
  94. Rumors about the Novus Spiritus Board
  95. Today on NPR's Growing Bolder (depressing situation)
  96. Self-proclaimed scientist and messiah!
  97. Hypnosis: had any experience of it?
  98. Weird Photo at SFN (Skeptic Friends Network
  99. [Ed] Near Death Experiences - Seeing the present while pronounced "dead"
  100. The Mentalist Visits - What Would You Do?
  101. Extraordinary evidence
  102. Sylvia Browne interview: 20 out of 26 correct?
  103. How to best troubleshoot "ghost" activity
  104. A Real Live Medium, Brought to Us by The Onion
  105. Oldest Mayan calendar found; goes way beyond 2012
  106. StopSylvia email: "Sylvia Still Appearing in Vegas"
  107. Proof bigfoot is fake!
  108. Mermaids
  109. Kind Words From Pam Blizzard
  110. Would it be possible to prove that something really WAS supernatural?
  111. "Sure, My Client Is Known For Stealing"
  112. Parapsychology and the Skeptics by Chris Carter
  113. Are Flying Saucers Supernatural?
  114. Derek Acorah senses Madelaine McCann is dead
  115. Plant communication woo returns!
  116. Hydrogen perpetual motion claims rear their head again
  117. Ghost feeding machine
  118. Is the singularity movement a cult?
  119. StopSylvia email: "Chris Dufresne"
  120. Anecdotal experiences: telepathy
  121. Dr Oz Jumps the Shark -- Long Island Rare
  122. Ken Ring on Oil
  123. StopSylvia email: "Thank You"
  124. Yeti DNA database launched
  125. isn't god paranormal?
  126. I had my family get St. John's Wort for my brothers depression.
  127. Help needed with old Uri Geller TV performance
  128. Dr. Phil- Inside the Otherside
  129. Sylvia Browne on the Ortiz murders
  130. Testing of Psychic Claims: Success Rates?
  131. Chariots of the Gods theme park?!?!?
  132. Clairvoyant vision of atoms/"mysterious matter"?...
  133. Are skeptic brains less susceptible to hallucinogenic atrocities?
  134. Wellington NZ earthquake prediction for this month
  135. Study on remembering skeptical data
  136. The Paracast and David Farrant...
  137. Sex offender claims to be Navy SEAL with psychic abilities
  138. Needles,Ca UFO crash
  139. Pseudo-telekinesis with an Euro note
  140. StopSylvia Email: "The Prayer"
  141. What do you think about this "proof" of telepathy?
  142. Atheist Parents
  143. Ethical Issues in "Ghosthunting"
  144. Money and extra-terrestrials (Split from Money)
  145. aliens and christian fundamentalists
  146. Franz Bardon
  147. Rise of the vampires
  148. Are paranormal believers thick? nuts? daft?
  149. Aliens coming to the Olympics
  150. It's Not a UFO - It's Venus!
  151. Video purports to show mythical giant Icelandic Worm
  152. Panel Of Astrologers Predicts Obama Re-election 2012
  153. Incredibly Odd Galactic Federation Videos on Youtube
  154. [Moderated] Will the 2012 Olympic Games in London be held?
  155. Astrologer correctly predicts result of football game
  156. Neuro Linguistic Programming
  157. StopSylvia email: "Thank you so much....."
  158. History of the performer-skeptics
  159. What Would Be Your Reaction to Bigfoot Proven as Real?
  160. rbutr - Inter-website rebuttal tool for skeptics
  161. A co-worker's account.
  162. News Flash on BBC
  163. Tulpa - does it really exist?
  164. Advanced Tachyon Technologies
  165. Chasing UFOs.
  166. Arecibo space message, crop circle answer?
  167. Arecibo space message, crop circle answer?
  168. Psychic accussed of sexual exploitation.
  169. Psychic Steals $250K from Money 'Cleanse' Scam
  170. The Phantom Mystery of the Easter Island Statues,....
  171. Can you find the ironic critical thinking error on this wellness magazine cover?
  172. Grounding Woo
  173. Houdini's last message a media conspiracy
  174. people with angel photos
  175. Gian J Quasar - Bermuda Triangle
  176. The science of sniffing for love
  177. Psychics and the Paranormal
  178. Sylvia Browne says Leah Freeman killer innocent, despite conviction in trial
  179. Sylvia Browne on "Live! with Kelly" this morning
  180. wow so people actually believe ron wyatt...
  181. The Piddingtons
  182. TV Psychic or Stock Photo?
  183. StopSylvia email: "oh no"
  184. Whats the Harm: Free-birth beliefs put before baby
  185. Claims of There Being No Evidence
  186. Intellectual laziness (3) video
  187. Chasing UFOs
  188. Aura reader?
  189. tom horn-conspiracy theorist
  190. Ex-FBI agent: I saw angels at Flight 93 site
  191. Need some ghost debunking help in Detroit.
  192. When exactly does one become a crackpot?
  193. StopSylvia email: (no subject)
  194. TAM2012 obituary reel - please help
  195. Anthony Godby Johnson
  196. How do these psychic mediums survive the internet age?
  197. Weird little tips
  198. Proton Alignment Bands at the gun show
  199. Fundamental Christians and supersitions and racism
  200. demonic posseion and bath salts
  201. TV Psychic actress Noreen Renier WIKI page removed
  202. GREAT NEWS IN ADE651 etc Detectors scandal
  203. Official Urantia thread
  204. Help on Hoaxes- multiple "witness" cases
  205. How does one become a "bonafide skeptic"?
  206. [Merged] Ex CIA Agent: Roswell Really Happened
  207. apolcapyse woo-meisters
  208. Occult Chemistry
  209. What is a Clear Photograph?
  210. Cuh-razy facts!
  211. StopSylvia email: "I love you!"
  212. The "I killed bigfoot" Justin Smeja interview
  213. [Split Thread] Pyramids
  214. ex-satanist stories....
  215. Wiki Page: Immediate Action!
  216. Ashley Cowie - Legend Quest - How Could You?
  217. Ron Pearson and his "physics of survival"
  218. Doctors testify to patient's spirit return
  219. Ralph Macchio, skeptic, documenting 'American Gypsies'
  220. First Sasquatch, now this... Goat Man
  221. Can the entire concept of the "award" or voted "prize" be declared crap?
  222. Fire walk burns 21
  223. Sylvia Browne lecture on becoming "more" psychic for $2,402
  224. [Ed] **** skeptics say
  225. knowledgeoftoday.org
  226. Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality
  227. StopSylvia email: "Sylvia Browne"
  228. Coincidences In Church
  229. 'expanded' consciousness
  230. Pizzeria poltergeist?
  231. 80 psychics rush to be involved in missing Iowa girls case
  232. Has Theresa Caputo (aka the Long Island Medium) ever made verifiable predictions?
  233. Kevin Trudeau's latest con...
  234. Ghosts I know what they are
  235. Asian Skeptics - Speak Your Piece!
  236. "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo in Priceline commercial
  237. Freethought blogs as your skeptical stewards?
  238. They're Back!!! Crop Circles!!!
  239. Documentaries About Fake Psychic and Fake Guru
  240. Herobrine -- a study in superstition in... a haunted video game
  241. $5 Million grant for study of afterlife
  242. Olive oil controlled by the mob?
  243. Evaluating Claims
  244. Homeopaths offer to rebrand products as 'confectionery'
  245. Can anything be done about this?!
  246. Why are we losing?
  247. Do internet discussions ever change people's minds?
  248. Conclusive Evidence Of "Nessie"?
  249. mark of the beast microchip in the philipines
  250. Kineseology Tape