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  1. A New Challenge for Randi
  2. DEWEY ILES, Malcontent
  3. Claimant, heal thyself?
  4. RYAN WHISLER, Yo-Yo Dowser
  5. ADAM HUGO, "...Because Of My Presence"
  6. LOU GENTILE, EVP Applicant
  7. Kolodzey case on Remote Viewer blog
  8. Test Protocol Negotiation Idea
  9. I can curse people do I qualify?
  10. IAN D. LEAHY, Phone Home
  11. CHRIS GREENE, Canadian Telepathist
  12. Donna DeMarco, Pendulum Chiro-Dowser
  13. How can anyone win the prize?
  14. JREF Challenge Statistics
  15. “Paranormal Challenge Irregulars”
  16. Lull in paranormality
  17. Question about rules
  18. Kramer is no longer handling the challenge.
  19. So, who IS handling the challenge, now?
  20. (Merged Thread) Nostradamus Prophecies - USA/Where is my MILLION DOLLARS?
  21. Now that Kramer is gone....
  22. Merged threads: 4 Step Proof for God of the Bible
  23. Alchemy
  24. Would you try it, if you thought you could?
  25. Could Scientists grab the million?
  26. Renee Rynn's Color Signs
  27. NIDS investigation of Skinwalker Ranch, Utah
  28. The Test...
  29. How does the test taker verify the results?
  30. Sam I am
  31. Improving plant growth/health
  32. Alien pendulums can dowse gods and underground ouija boards
  33. The tipping point
  34. UFOs and the Paranormal Challenge
  35. Therapeutic Touch cures Feline Hypocentrosis
  36. National Forensics Academy uses divining rods to search for bodies
  37. Sent in my application today.
  38. Who judges?
  39. Log of Applicants a Thing of the Past?
  40. Rule 7: Lawsuits
  41. Sleepless guy
  42. A million ain't much anymore.
  43. Cheating
  44. Need help defending million dollar challenge
  45. Challenge no longer on hold
  46. Challenge Application in PDF form
  47. Multiple Challenges
  48. I Won The Challenge And Randi Refused To Pay
  49. I Want Randi's Million
  50. A Lucid Proposal For A Preliminary Test
  51. $5,000 for Proving the Earth is a Globe
  52. What happens when somebody wins?
  53. Challenge News
  54. Homeopathy challenge question
  55. [Moderated] Dowsing By Edge
  56. GERALD EPLING - Shimmering Leaf Inventor
  57. JREF refuses reciprocality?
  59. Wine clips and audio devices
  60. Afrikjan or Afrikyan
  61. Carina Landin questions please!
  62. Julian Goldberg - Magnetic Hands
  63. Brauer Homeopathic from Australia
  64. Why I would never take Randi’s money.
  65. Sacred Powers not for sale, and how do you test without faith?
  66. Ha! I Am Invisible!
  67. Million dollars should go to Alcoholic's Anonymous?
  68. Alternative science
  69. Most Interesting Challenge Yet
  70. How to get people to accept the challenge?
  71. Could the Challenge be unlawful in the UK?
  72. A philosophical challenge for the challenge
  73. determining what constitutes a success
  74. Proving that God exists?
  75. Applicants that made it to preliminary testing
  76. What happened to the Challenge Applications?
  77. www.psychics.co.uk
  78. I seek your help once again
  79. Randi's million? You can get THREE million if ...
  80. Mentalist Gerard Senehi
  81. Challenge Applications, past, present, future...
  82. Check my methodology - prayer study
  83. Experiment that satisfies million dollar requirement?
  84. Fun in the casino
  85. Why Randi's money is relatively unimportant
  86. Now we have a date
  87. Pater Messiah Antichrist
  88. Would the black hole theroy pass this challange?
  89. Challenge Questions
  90. Formulating Challenge Proposal
  91. Challenge Application Proving existence of God
  92. Martingale Paradox Claim
  93. A skeptics challenge taken too far?
  94. Why no challenge application updates since 10th July?
  95. Proposed Claim and Testing Protocol
  96. A theoretical application
  97. Suggestion for a new dowsing testing method
  98. Proof Of Time Travel?
  99. My application for the MILLION DOLLARS....
  100. New Claim about Light
  101. Depressed thread with no agenda
  102. Changes To The Challenge
  103. Sally's Proof Of God.
  104. Whatever Happened to Masaru Emoto?
  105. Thoughts about the JREF Million Dollar Challenge
  106. Aromatherapy Telepathy
  107. Continuity of Perpetual Motion quacks
  108. Looking for challenge
  109. Application Proposal - Mental Telepathy
  110. Erik Bostrom aka "contender"
  111. Carina Landin in test at this moment
  112. Lucid Dreaming
  113. Nominations
  114. I have applied for the challenge
  115. Bloody hell. The irony is strong with this one.
  116. My Claim
  117. Help me win the $50,000 finders fee
  118. raise the heart beat standing still
  119. Tarot Carrot
  120. The proposed $50,000 Paranormal Finder's Fee
  121. Another potential application
  122. Ability to sense wireless network - paranormal claim?
  123. Energy Light
  124. A critique of the challenge
  125. How to test something based on "gut feeling"?
  126. Anybody tried to claim prize yet?
  127. Only 20+ Days Till The New Challenge
  128. Application Proposal - Free Energy Motor
  129. Possible application candidate
  130. Derek Ogilvie - Baby Psychic - Taking the challenge?
  131. What Consistutes a Preliminary Test for Telekinesis?
  132. Filipino "psychic judge" wants to undergo Challenge!
  133. The $1M challenge helped me a lot
  134. Challenge ( & update) mentioned at Wired
  135. Human magnet
  136. Randi challenge mentioned on Free Talk Live
  137. Any other changes to the rules?
  138. Craig Williams and EEG Manipulation
  139. Confronting A Paranormal Challenge Challenger On Air
  140. Fellow JREF Members: What would you do if someone was cheated?
  141. "Randi owes me a million dollars"
  142. Rosemary Altea
  143. Predefined tests
  144. Initial Blocks?
  145. challenge procedure questions
  146. Can this qualify as a challenge?
  147. Biggest Douche-bags in the Universe
  148. Word Salad and challenge applications
  149. Why no psychic will ever take the challenge
  150. Concern over changes
  151. You can't win this challenge
  152. Are There Any Pre-Defined Tests Accepted?
  153. Million dollar Fraud??
  154. Bias in Challenge Protocol?
  155. Would palm reading or finderprint reading qualify under the old rules?
  156. A Hot Knife Through Bullcrap
  157. A different challenge direction
  158. Dowsing & Randi's Latest SWIFT Newsletter
  159. James Randi in The Toronto Star Aug 23, 1986
  160. Mag-Gro
  161. Matt Blaze Solves Randi's Puzzle, Doesn't Ask for Million
  162. Challenges & "Remote Testing"
  163. Test for telekinesis to win prize
  164. Telekinesis test I'd like to see
  165. A Small Miracle
  166. What has the Million-Dollar Challenge accomplished?
  168. Achau Nguyen Challenges! (again)
  169. What do you think about this anti-JREF article?
  170. What standards can one expect as an applicant?
  171. List of $1MC type challenges & applications
  172. What standards can we expect from challengers?
  173. Perinormal
  174. Professor at my college has a degree in Homeopathy
  175. Mind power demonstrated
  176. Anyone heard about this dude? (pavelprorok on youtube)
  177. Marchien Bakker - Paragnostic
  178. How does one go about submitting a test proposal?
  179. The Twenty Dollar Challenge
  180. "Fakers and innocents..." by James Randi
  181. Cartoon I made: Randi With Scientists
  182. Please help me rebut seemingly spurious claims
  183. Automatic Drawing
  184. M.D.C. Test in Japan.
  185. Plants can read and have emotions! How to test?
  186. Bagatelle
  187. MIKE MAGGIO, Spirit Reader
  188. Won't-be Challenger
  189. Encouraging people to apply (and failing)
  190. noob question
  191. help me investigate?
  192. Guaranteed Winner 1 million Dollars
  193. Astrology and Statistics
  194. [Merged]Random number challenge or statistics?
  195. The Fellowship of Yeshua
  196. JENENE LEHMAN, Physical Imbalances
  197. A Major Revision Turns Out To Be Minor
  198. Why can't you test anything dangerous?
  199. VEDI ASSOCIATION: Diagnosis by Photograph
  200. Raymond Edward Powell protocol
  201. Has anyone ever tried to win by...
  202. Rosemary Hunter...
  203. Replacement of the bonds by gold
  204. Healings?
  205. Russian TV show
  206. Brian Ladd claims he applied for the MDC 3 times
  207. So does anything currently inexplicable qualify?
  208. JREF too picky? :THOMAS BOWE
  209. [Moderated]Hypothetical Million Dollar Winner
  210. Challenge Applicant on Fark?
  211. James Randi's challenge an illusion
  212. [Merged]Can anybody take James Randi seriously/ Is the MDC paid in cash or bonds?
  213. I can feel the aura of LSD, especially when I eat it.
  214. Pear Cable CEO Calls James Randi's $1 Million Offer a Hoax
  215. pseudo skeptics and Randi Challenge
  216. Can we have a top ten canards list?
  217. 20 minutes to win the JREF challenge
  218. Audio cables and such - is this stretching the challenge too far?
  219. Montreal Gazette mentions the Challenge
  220. Going on the offensive
  221. JREF Challenge FAQ
  222. RE: James Randi/Million Dollor challenge
  223. Lorraine Warren Publicly Called out for JREF Challenge
  224. The media requirement
  226. [Split]Mike Lavigne's cable test - split from: Latest News: RANDI WITHDRAWS FROM CAB
  227. Wired News' "10 Tips For Dealing With James Randi"
  228. a good magician could win this prize?
  229. Ouija board
  230. Hey Randi where is the million dollor challange for proveing bigfoot is re
  231. I'm wondering
  232. Karen Sellers - telekinesis
  233. Where is the documentation on Rosmary Hunter's prequalification?
  234. [Ed]Chris Cordero - Testing Protocols
  235. Chris Cordero Challenge Test at TAM 5.5?
  236. My Unaswered Challange
  237. Series proposal: How to design tests that are fair to both sides
  238. Changes to protocols to avoid cheating?
  239. does anyone know where that list someone created of top excuses woo's say to avoid ta
  240. Suggestions wanted..
  241. A new excuse for why not to take the challenge
  242. [Merged] The challenge is coming to an end.
  243. Million Dollar Challenge - should it stay?
  244. New challenge for woos.
  245. Are preliminary MDC tests videotaped?
  246. "Paranormal" = Misnomer?
  247. james randi million dollars scandle
  248. Challenge E-mail Blog
  249. Does a Mind Reading Machine Qualify?
  250. Local news.