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  1. What's up with the Japanese and their rape fetish?
  2. One-armed presenter is scaring children, parents tell BBC
  3. Is Annie Leibovitz Going To Get Mortgage Help?
  4. Transgendered Kids
  5. Gitmo is Humane, Says Pentagon
  6. Prosecutors in Tim Masters Case Disciplined. Why Are They Now Judges?
  7. Want to be a UN Peacekeeper? How many hostages do you have?
  8. Should the 'stolen relics' have been returned to China?
  9. You Low Should You Go? - Freelancers
  10. Should Juries Be Allowed to Ask Questions During a Case?
  11. Serious property threat
  12. Psychedelic Bouncing Fish
  13. Playing "tag" and contact sports banned at some schools
  14. Go get 'em, gramma!
  15. Talk about guns on CCSU campus, visit the police.
  16. Neighborhood kid murdered, what do I tell my daughter?
  17. And now you know the rest of the story.
  18. Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
  19. Why is online poker illegal?
  20. [Ed] Seattle cop assaults 15-year-old girl?
  21. 'Valid' Reasons to get out of Jury Duty
  22. Did police frame a convicted man? Old murder case gets another look
  23. Why should polygamy be illegal?
  24. Military victory in Afghanistan "not achievable": Holbrooke, Harper
  25. Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers
  26. School for the Gifted
  27. Israel Targets Children in Gaza
  28. more Georgia/Russia not getting on.
  29. Why should incest be illegal?
  30. Terrorism in East Jerusalem
  31. 1st Circuit - Truth no defense against libel
  32. Woman busted for breast feeding - while driving
  33. Why should marrying your pet be illegal?
  34. Waiting Periods for Marriage and Divorce
  35. Theresa
  36. BNP: Epic Fail
  37. Why should ANY marriage be legal?
  38. The incredible gap in world healthcare
  39. Semi-Single Arab Man Seeks Single Jewish Female, Object Matrimony
  40. California Court to Weigh Gay Marriage Ban
  41. Terrorists try to steal radioactive material for "Dirty Bomb" from St. Helen's
  42. Church Sign
  43. Psychics helping to find Haleigh...not!
  44. Hunger in North Korea and its Effects
  45. Holy smoke. The Economist comes out in favour of legalising drugs.
  46. "Going John Galt" To Avoid Higher Taxes
  47. Tricia Helfer in Peta Ad
  48. Happy 100th you giant waste of everything.
  49. UN resolution to make offending religion a crime
  50. Imperialism
  51. Adam Savage Q&A?
  52. Screw "Going Galt." In Venezuela, businesses should consider "Going d'Anconia."
  53. Washington State Initiative 1040
  54. Stein: Fear-Mongers Keep Us In Recession
  55. "Enhanced Drivers Liscences" -- REAL ID renamed?
  56. It's European, so you know it's good...
  57. Should Religious Practice Be Off-Limits For Television?
  58. Fortune-teller Caught Forcing Prostitution in Korea
  59. Drink Auschwitz Beer!
  60. # Teen opens fire at school in Germany, 10 dead
  61. Man kills about 10 and himself in Alabama
  62. Annoyed or Hasseled [sic] by COPS?
  63. When the news hits home, it's ouch
  64. Sarah Palin's daughter is calling off wedding!!!!
  65. 419 scam stupidity
  66. Radioactive Nazi Bomb Plot Murder WTF?
  67. Did we go to war for this?
  68. Would you donate to a charity from a different religion/philosophy?
  69. The most important question concerning global warming
  70. I own a gun!
  71. "killer games"
  72. Demarcation Problem:Free Speech vs. Censorship
  73. Mind-reading, Moral or Not?
  74. WorldNetDaily: Game for 6-year-olds pushes same-sex marriage
  75. Should NYC's MTA charge drivers to pay for Subway and Bus service?
  76. I Want Your Sext
  77. Alabama massacre: how about a hero getting some airtime...
  78. American citizen shot in head by the IDF
  79. 2Bcon10youd
  80. americanism
  81. Pole dancing, sans clothing!
  82. Oh yay another "mass" killer
  83. A.I.G. Paying $165 Million in Bonuses After Federal Bailout
  84. Sarah Jane Olson Getting Out? Oh, HELL No!
  85. Fluoride in the Water
  86. The Red Cross on US Torture
  87. Time Magazine | Dead Sea Scrolls Authors Never Existed
  88. What kind of prison is this???
  89. Madagascar getting interesting
  90. Nepotism
  91. Imperial feminism in US
  92. 35 areas of the usa have muslim training camps
  93. Speaking of death penalty justification (Austrian man admits to horrific crimes)
  94. UK family too fat to work; wants more money.
  95. Speaking of death penalty justification (English man admitted to horrific crimes)
  96. No Concealed Firearms In Arkansas Churches?
  97. Why cops keep getting hit by vehicles.
  98. Natasha Richardson dies.
  99. public service to our friends in the UK
  100. Extreme sheep LED art
  101. 13 firms receiving TARP money owe back taxes
  102. 70 year old ex-judge jailed for 3 years
  103. Gaza Massacre
  104. Dangerous to be a journalist
  105. Servin' & Protectin' re-re-redux
  106. Smarties - the new gateway drug
  107. Verizon and Crappy Business Practices
  108. Pacific Island risks flooding - inhabitants fear for future
  109. When Our Eyes Deceive Us
  110. interesting fashion statement
  111. To the Editors and Staff of Time Magazine:
  112. More troubles in Oakland
  113. asexuality
  114. Never cry wolf.
  115. Imperial Walkers go to war in Afganistan
  116. Bomb Threat at my job!
  117. Barney Frank calls Justice Scalia a "homophobe"
  118. Strange headlines
  119. [Split Thread] British reaction to Diana's death example of story hyped by media
  120. Collateral damage, how much is okay?
  121. Michelle Oba[be]ma and her arms!
  122. Airstrip One, Minitrue and Social Network Sites.
  123. Friendships destroyed by drugs
  124. Did they tag the G. Bay prisoners
  125. The battle over teaching evolution in Texas
  126. Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?
  127. "Visit Israel too often? You may be forced to make aliya"
  128. New WTC Tower to drop the name "Freedom Tower" for "One World Trade Center"!!!
  129. China blocks youtube?
  130. The U.S and Creationism
  131. Obama sending thousands more troops to Middle East
  132. Sexting Girls Facing Porn Charge Sue D.A.
  133. Bezos 'Works' on Amazon Shop Floor
  134. Should Marijuana be legalized
  135. What does it take for rape to be taken seriously?
  136. Richard Wiseman on nipple clamps, spanking & cooking...
  137. Top Jewish groups denounce cartoon about Gaza
  138. Crazy Björn's Suds n' Spuds
  139. Freedom evolves (and so does common sense)
  140. WAC Fuehrer finally arrested
  141. The Taliban are Anti-vaxers too
  142. Biden's daughter filmed snorting cocaine
  143. In Praise of Hypocrisy
  144. The "NoTrue Scotsman" fallacy
  145. Palestinians condemn gesture of humanity to Holocaust survivors
  146. Student suspended from bus for passing gas
  147. 'Expert Witness' manufactured evidence?
  148. [Merged] Conviction for death of child to be reversed if he comes back to life.
  149. Add This To Your List Of Economic Worries
  150. The End Of The World As We Know It
  151. Dirty Capitalist Pig Russians Ruin Morale at ISS
  152. Pakistani Taliban threaten terrorist attack on the White House...
  153. Breaking News: Unification Announced
  154. This years best april fools day hoaxes
  155. Bozos 'Work' on Amazon Shop Floor
  156. Is burning biofuel bad for the environment.
  157. Truth in advertising
  158. Angry French Workers "Detain" 4 Bosses at Caterpillar Plant
  159. Coulter falls for seeming anti-Obama April 1 Story
  160. Kirk cameron to host Atheist Experience
  161. The word "warpath" is offensive to Native Americans
  162. Give Up Your Welfare Benefits If You Want To Keep Your Lottery Winnings?
  163. Cash notes
  164. Obama bows to a king
  165. teh ghey vs. traditional marriage
  166. 13 dead
  167. Gay? Come to Iowa!
  168. Would you help a stranger ?
  169. Churchill sues and wins. Gets $1.
  170. www.storyofstuff.com Discussion
  171. Would you help a Strangler?
  172. Abortion Moderates: Where do you draw the line?
  173. [Merged] gun control again - Gunman kills three Pittsburgh officers
  174. New Skeptics in the Pub chapter - Charlotte NC
  175. I have been turned (on nuclear reactors)
  176. Polygraph tests on sex offenders
  177. Action President
  178. North Korean rocket - A different view
  179. Obama on Turkey's Membership of EU
  180. Your daily bowl of gruel from the rich and powerful
  181. P.U.M.A. - Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility
  182. PETA to Virtually Protest Virtual Seal Clubbing
  183. NHS pays for chaplains and other religious gubbins
  184. Sunny Side Up
  185. Utah pays for Scientology program to help cops exposed to meth...
  186. How much better for the environment are electric cars?
  187. "Antichrist" Mother Offs Son At Range
  188. Parkinson: "Jade Goody represented wretched England
  189. Thanks guys.
  190. Is Billy Bob Thorton on Drugs or Just Stupid?
  191. Is bossnapping OK?
  192. Your Myspace rant isn't private
  193. The Logic of Offense
  194. Pirating and the S.S. Mayaguez
  195. Marcus Luttrell/DASY Fund
  196. Green Construction ?
  197. guns and warped morals
  198. US Secret Gulags Illegal Kidnapping and Transportation
  199. Mass Killings On The Rise?
  200. Punks kill Navy SEAL's dog - amazingly he doesn't return the favor
  201. Is anyone else amazed ID theft isn't simply rampant
  202. David Lance Arneson, D&D co-creator, RIP
  203. Former Child abuser as Foreign Minister
  204. skeptic forums troll haunts pharyngula
  205. Is harvesting sperm from a dead child unethical?
  206. That's a whole lotta servicing...
  207. US religious Right concedes defeat
  208. Chinese drywall can make you very sick!!
  209. Mandatory youth service
  210. Captain Phillips Freed!!!
  211. Jesus Christ is a blockhead
  212. The Zombie Excuse
  213. Alex Jones Roots for the Pirates
  214. That was a gun?
  215. Looking for Sonoma County Skeptics
  216. Guard Dogs: Saving 'Unsavable' Dogs
  217. Tweenbots: Human-Dependent Robots Doing... stuff
  218. Girl chooses country over parents.
  219. Phil Spector guilty
  220. Goodbye Marilyn Chambers
  221. Mel Gibson is getting divorced?!
  222. Twitter can make you immoral
  223. Why did NASA even bother to have a contest...
  224. Apartheid alive & well. In NZ.
  225. Girls Basketball Coach Fired Because Opposing Team Scored 0 Points?
  226. French Union Blockades Ports To Protest Not Being Allowed To Deplete Fish Stocks
  227. Solution to the Pirate problem?
  228. US torturers to go free
  229. George Will says "stop wearing jeans, you hippies!"
  230. Simple question about gay marriage.
  231. Ceci n'est pas Hulot.
  232. PirateBay leaders sentenced to prison, heavy fines
  233. U.S. holds 5% of the world population but 25% of its total prisoners
  234. Communists more consistent than Christians over gay marriage
  235. [Moderated] US Court of Appeals
  236. Why do you speed?
  237. Former governor R. Blagojevich to appear on "celebrity" reality show.
  238. Jackie Chan Not Sure if Freedom is a Good Thing
  239. Jews as a special people?
  240. Berlin/Wall in New York
  241. Easy solution to the pirate problem...
  242. Scientist Stephen Hawking 'Very Ill'
  243. Are fat people harming the environment?
  244. PSA: either pass or deal!
  245. The Origins of 420
  246. Portugal's Drug Decriminalization Policy Shows Positive Results
  247. Gay Marriage Fear Me - Spoof
  248. Is torture ever warranted?
  249. Suicide Bombing?
  250. Obama administration killing terrorists (from "Is torture ever warranted?")