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  1. Coincidence of 2010 -- or will there be bigger?
  2. "A world without planes"
  3. Why oppose gay marriage?
  4. Water used to make imported goods may worsen local shortages, droughts
  5. A world without cash
  6. Bin Laden on Facebook?
  7. Is "woo" ever justified as enticement to more critical behavior?
  8. Tobaco candy linked to poisoning children.
  9. Could a planet be so disgusting we couldn't live there?
  10. Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes
  11. Rent-A-Wreck Trial
  12. It's a COOKBOOK!!!
  13. Anybody in the Aberdeen, Scotland area?
  14. Breaking News: President Found Dead
  15. [Merged] Jihadists threaten Trey and Matt for portraying Mohammed in a bear suit
  16. Why is caring about child rape promoting an agenda?
  17. Settler terrorism and IDF demonstrate clear apartheid behaviour
  18. [Split Thread] Difference between Islamist and Muslim; split from Jihadists threaten Trey and Matt
  19. Where do you get your news?
  20. The Lupus of News
  21. Oil rig explodes in Gulf; several injured and missing
  22. Facebook "prayer" apparently calling for death of Obama doesn't violate FB policy.
  23. What came 1st, the Paedo or the Priest?
  24. Happy Earth Day
  25. Internet drama over couple soliciting for alternative treatment
  26. 12 year old files for divorce
  27. Oklahoma - Wishes to limit women's rights and violate their privacy
  28. Cloth diapers?
  29. Archie Comics to Feature First Gay Character
  30. Aprtheid government's contempt for the world
  31. Jon Stewart tells the group that threatened Matt and Trey to go f
  32. People who threaten census takers-do they realize the census is in the Constitution?
  33. Brit sets world record for most countries visited in 1 year
  34. Icelanders to Europe "Grow a Plan!"
  35. Stephen Hawking - Aliens are like Christopher Columbus, Bad.
  36. Pope Benedict Condoms?
  37. boys vs girls
  38. "Draw Mohammed Day" is May 20
  39. Estimating the honesty of the U.S. taxpayer
  40. It's springtime in NYC!
  41. Woman falsely accuses man of rape
  42. Stephen Hawking aliens theory doesn't scare planet hunters
  43. Parental leave, discuss the Swedish model
  44. Laura Bush blames Corvair for fatal car crash
  45. Insurance denying claim for cancer treatment (I'm looking at you, Anthem BC/BS)
  46. Is wanting revenge always wrong?
  47. Alien Scum found!!!!
  48. My daughter was murdered in Scotland - please sign the E-petition!
  49. This is why dogs is better than cats
  50. Another mine collapse
  51. Parental leave to discuss Swedish models...
  52. Self-hating Jews: Pariahs from the Jewish community?
  53. Woman and grandson set to have child together
  54. Do we default to believing someone is going to lie?
  55. Usans too fat to fight
  56. The Evil Man and the Useful Idiot Woman
  57. Bono Lewinskis Clinton!
  58. ACTA Officially Released
  59. Failed car bomb in Times Square
  60. Cowardly Central + the Muhammad Image Archives
  61. Time called on apartheid state
  62. Tiger Woods bombs out in latest tourny.
  63. Why Do Christians Feel They Must Vandalize Atheist Signs?
  64. Principal wants parents to ban Facebook.
  65. Copy Machine Security Risk
  66. Fairtrade Cocoa
  67. The war against porn
  68. BREAKING: Large Air Spill At Wind Farm. No Threats Reported.
  69. Chinese man dies after eel inserted into rectum
  70. Don't chase me, bro!
  71. [Merged] Scenes From The War On Drugs
  72. Fred Phelps -- he used to be a nice guy!
  73. Candies and Kohls - G-Strings for preteen girls?
  74. Highschoolers Sent Home For Wearing American Flag
  75. Settler Terrorism Continues
  76. Fat fingers cause 1000 point DOW plunge?
  77. TSA officer with small penis goes ballistic
  78. Lawrence Taylor Guilty of Rape - All because of a cartwheel
  79. Worse than suicide bombing
  80. Call to ban the burqa in Australia
  81. Are children's tastes and preferences early indicators of adult sexuality?
  82. Homosexuals ineligible to give bone marrow
  83. Lord Jesus Christ got hit by car.
  84. Comedy Central's newest show
  85. Humanists Applaud release of Katharine Hepburn commemorative stamp
  86. New York ferry cursed!!!
  87. More Americans have died in the USA by texting while driving than in combat in Iraq
  88. Fertilizer family to open environmental retaurant
  89. man killed for not having a cigarette
  90. City Chickens - yah or nay?
  91. Obama disses iPad, Xbox
  92. USA still torturing
  93. Ratzinger cast as Mr MOTO
  94. Why Do Atheists Feel They Must Vandalize Crosses?
  95. Did Frank Frazetta just Die?
  96. Somali Pirates Mysteriously Die After Russians Release Them
  97. Chicago Man Slain After Dog Urinates On Lawn
  98. Muhammed cartoonist attacked
  99. Twitter joke bomb threat man found guilty
  100. WTF, China?
  101. Why equality is better for everyone
  102. Teacher beats on 13 yr old for teasing girl
  103. The end of the 'Special Relationship'
  104. Did US teen pregnancy rates quintuple the year after school prayer was removed?
  105. Win in blog libel case
  106. If You Thought The G-String For pre-Teens Was Bad...
  107. Tim Donaghy Speaks!
  108. Obama, I need a freakin job!
  109. Men shouldn't get plastic surgery.
  110. [Merged] Female Genital Mutilation? Naw, it's just a "nick"!
  111. Cryogenic Zombie Company
  112. House of Swedish 'Muhammad' Cartoonist Attacked By Arsonists
  113. Proffessor @ Cork University on sexual harrasment charge for talking about frut bats
  114. Amanda Knox - Your Verdict
  115. Noam Chomsky denied entry into Israel and West Bank
  116. Ronnie James Dio RIP
  117. Nobody ever asks this question but me.
  118. Are people going to Europe on ships?
  119. Corporal punishment
  120. Lesbian Bishop
  121. Help the poor columnist
  122. Affair Revealed - Woman Sues Rogers Wireless
  123. [Merged] Two Mosques to be built near Ground Zero
  124. ACTA Treaty Released: Discuss
  125. Hamas copies apartheid Government of Israel
  126. Harvard Student in legal trouble over lies
  127. Racial Bias Among Children
  128. Alabama teacher uses shooting of Pres. Obama to teach geometry
  129. Staying Together For the Sake of the Kids
  130. Ted Turner - God doesn't want us to drill offshore
  131. Former Liberal leader says legalise all drugs
  132. Men are bigger liars than women
  133. Pakistan bans facebook over "draw mohammed" fb page
  134. Vatican to excommunicate women priests
  135. Mute boy's puppy stolen
  136. Geldof calls Australians 'economically stupid'
  137. London Olympics' mascots unveiled
  138. "Full and Focused"
  139. Women are bigger liars than men.
  140. Analogue clocks
  141. Awesome Ninjas are awesome
  142. Polish aircrash video shows execution of survivors?
  143. Lindsay Lohan: Wanted Fugitive
  144. How do I answer back?
  145. Most Haunted Psychic on charges of child abuse
  146. Being bullied
  147. USA does it again
  148. Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo Institutionalized for Asperger’s
  149. Again with the D and D “really”?
  150. Is this the philosophy of displaced minds?
  151. [Ed] Not tased, still dead
  152. Happy Birthday Harvey Millk! [Harvey Milk day]
  153. Fergy caught asking for $500,000 for access to Prince Andrew
  154. Bombed out by one side - burned out from the other
  155. What will replace "God", "Racism" and the like?
  156. Annoying Ad
  157. More international response to Israeli terrorism
  158. Apartheid state dealt with apartheid state
  159. Secret X-37B Space Plane spotted by amateurs
  160. Old men at bars talking to young women at bars
  161. Usan nutters at work in Glasgow
  162. Are Things Going to *****?
  163. What unusual animals you've eaten?
  164. Census Answers to Race
  165. Usan company found guilty of providing inaccurate information to investors
  166. Seize BP? Yeah, that's a great idea..... not!
  167. faceboo7k
  168. UK woman legally forced to undergo surgery
  169. "Israel committed war crimes in Gaza" says a 430-page Amnesty annual report
  170. Gays should be banned from the military because Hitler was a homosexual!
  171. Another 16 Year Old, Abby Sunderland, Seeks to Sail Around the World Solo (split)
  172. Bandz banned
  173. [Split Thread] Species, Culture, Race and Breeding (Split from "Black Inventors")
  174. [Merged] Catholic school fires teacher for her lack of belief in God
  175. IDF still enforcing pogrom against Palestinians
  176. Charities help
  177. Where does free speech end?
  178. Would you use hard drugs if they were legal?
  179. Sarah palin and the talking snake.
  180. Interesting Observations in Human Behaviour with Gags
  181. What are your skeptical 'blind spots'?
  182. Nigerian oil spills may dwarf those of Deepwater Horizon
  183. Continuation - Discussion of the Amanda Knox case
  184. Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran
  185. The Pogrom in Operation
  186. How the heck can German be a hate language entirely?
  187. [Merged] Israel Attacks Palestinian Aid Flotilla, According To Reports
  188. New Zealand bans kosher slaughter
  189. Is there a such thing as a moderate?
  190. PR for Skepticism
  191. The poor throw 9% of their income into a money pit (lotteries)
  192. Muslim girls flogged for not allowing their marriages to be consummated
  193. Suicide on the job.
  194. US defends terrorist State
  195. What IS Israel 'allowed' to do?
  196. [Merged] Who Caused the Oil Spill?
  197. New York to take DNA from all convicts?
  198. Live video feed of robots cutting the BP oil line
  199. Killer on the rampage across Cumbria
  200. Carl Sagan on life after death
  201. Racism is alive and well in Britain
  202. [Merged] Joren van der Sloot, murder suspect, arrested in Chile
  203. US, Israel and Russia killing civilians remotely with impunity
  204. Ford to "Pontiac" Mercury
  205. The Way Liberals/Socialists View Self-Esteem
  206. religion to be introduced in schools.
  207. My Greatgrandmothers grave marker
  208. The sue em all copyright business model
  209. Man kills people, media wet themselves
  210. How long until the green swastika?
  211. What am I missing?
  212. Jews in Malmo, Sweden, 2010
  213. Your newish Maytag dishwasher recalled / fire fire!
  214. Beatle Bush Bash!
  215. Ok has anyone ever heard this about Carl Sagan?
  216. World Health Organization exaggerated H1N1 threat?
  217. Founder of PayPal launches capsule into 155 mile high orbit
  218. Arizona school to "whiten" mural image
  219. What is it about this man that says to you "coke dealer"
  220. Northern Irish Government protests at Israeli maritime raid
  221. If Usans and conservatives worked together, think how much better the world would be
  222. Obama supports lifting whaling ban....to save whales.
  223. The government that is afraid of coriander.
  224. Porn Swored Slay Sususpect Swan Dives!
  225. BP had 760 "egregious, willful" safety violations, Exxon just one?
  226. Meanwhile in Iran...
  227. US intelligence analyst arrested
  228. If brutality was proven effective, should America embrace those tactics?
  229. Helen Thomas resigns over remarks
  230. Meanwhile, in Egypt
  231. Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems, study suggests
  232. Is there a religious group with this dress code?
  233. Appalling UK government hypocrisy
  234. Self sacraficing behaviour
  235. Marshmallow Test - Self Discipline
  236. Elton John plays at Rush Limbaugh's wedding!
  237. BP - Relative trickle
  238. Taxing to keep newspapers afloat
  239. Puzzling Facebook Status outbreak is puzzling
  240. Documentary about Israel/Palestine
  241. Obama - situation in Gaza is unsustainable
  242. Nuclear Burma
  243. Abbas tells U.S. Jews: I would never deny Jewish right to the land of Israel
  244. [Merged] BP OIL GUSHER: Is another, larger POMPEII scenario unfolding?
  245. New Yorkers go nuts over planned Mosque 30 miles from Ground Zero
  246. Taliban executes alleged "government spy"
  247. Craigslist woman caught by predator on internet
  248. What cultures are not "rich"?
  249. Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security
  250. "Minister" says oil spill caused by abortions