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  1. Police Officer's Reckless Driving Kills Woman, Her Father Gets Arrested
  2. Religious extremists riot over segregation of women
  3. Killing babies, has there been a pattern all along?
  4. Does anyone in the US really celebrate Kwanzaa?
  5. [Split Thread] The Sarah Scazzi murder case
  6. Monkey Business: Cheetah dies at 80?
  7. Police storm Church of the Nativity to break up brawling priests
  8. Condoning prison violence is irrational even if you think it is just
  9. Christmas morning mass murder-sucide in Texas
  10. Whatever happened to dirty harry.
  11. New Year's Eve
  12. Arizona Humane Society in crisis mode, killed recovering addict's cat.
  13. Anyone know if this soda is sold in Japan?
  14. PETA Seeks Memorials to Cows Killed on Ill. Roads
  15. Two Abortion Doctors Charged With Murder
  16. Line betwee hate and humour
  17. What would YOU do as god emperor of North Korea?
  18. British Police using lie detectors
  19. Japanese Death Cult Fugitive Surrenders to Police
  20. [Split Thread] Justifiable use of force / "Castle doctrine" in the U.S.
  21. Hollywood under arson alert
  22. [Merged] Who do you kill when you're done killing terrorists? / Park ranger shot & killed
  23. Ebooks - Overpriced, Music Industry Mark II?
  24. China launching 3D TV channel
  25. Stupidity Rant
  26. Rebecca Zahau: murder or suicide?
  27. Should politicians with any responsibility for drug laws be jailed?
  28. Are men and women different and, if so, how?
  29. Sense of Entitlement?
  30. Harvard Declares Dairy Not Part of a Healthy Diet
  31. Justice 1, Bullies nil
  32. How Would This Gun Issue Go Down in Your Country?
  33. Wakefield allegedly suing Deer for libel
  34. "On Killing" - Does violence in the media condition young people to acts of violence?
  35. She's Ba-aack. Casey Anthony Returns
  36. People Poop Wrong (Among Other Things)
  37. Injustice - $3400 stolen from my bank account by the state of california
  38. Peacock acquitted in obscenity trial
  39. London Mayoral Candidate Espouses "Law of Ten" Wages Regulation
  40. Rick Santorum compares marriage equality to poligamy
  41. New Improved Mountain Dew. With New Improved Mouse Flavor
  42. US Navy Boards Iranian Ship Off Iran, Takes Prisoners
  43. SOPA, change the implementation
  44. Kids today! Extended childhood in modern society...a good thing, perhaps?
  45. Salt Lake City Is Totally Gay
  46. Women banned from "women's health and religious law" conference in Mideast country
  47. Will Pensions Kill The Twinkie?
  48. Is Planting Car Bombs to Kill Civilians Ever OK?
  49. Is Iran/America turninging into a cold war
  50. What to do if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz?
  51. Marines Urinating on Dead Guys?
  52. Van der Sloot Pleads Guilty
  53. Look daddy, teacer says, whenever a bill rings, FOX News is lying.
  54. How to prevent parents murdering their infants
  55. Jim Crow in Ohio
  56. Should Women Who Lie About Paternity Be Prosecuted?
  57. The US Media's View from Nowhere
  58. Bomb threat lobbed at Finnish anti-piracy squad
  59. How could anyone do something like this?
  60. Dover MD / Scopes trials next round?
  61. UK Psychic Graham Dare Jailed for Assault
  62. Tennessee representative Richard Floyd would "stomp a mudhole" in transgender people
  63. Same sex marriage under attack in Canada? Or is it?
  64. You better Cry, And You Better Mean It !
  65. weirdest health blog ever
  66. unethical journalism....
  67. Blow for creationists in the UK
  68. Jeb Corliss the famous wingsuit flyer crashes out
  69. Women and children first...
  70. Abortion vs. Right To Choose (specifically, to choose gender)
  71. Apparently, you can have too much cowbell.
  72. Naming children - should the state step in?
  73. Special-Needs Girl Denied Kidney Transplant in Phila.
  74. Ron Paul sound like a socialist here
  75. Chef Paula Deen admits to being diabetic.
  76. Meteorite Wine
  77. If only Megan hadn't worn sparkles on her nails
  78. Football must be sold at alcohol world cup
  79. Fire at prof's home reveals cache of child porn
  80. Should a Captain go down with the ship?
  81. Megaupload shut down-accused of racketeering/money laundering
  82. Black president, volume wars and now IP?
  83. Support for Nuclear Energy in UK at record high
  84. Abortion rates higher where procedure is illegal
  85. Breast Ironing of Young Girls in Cameroon !!!
  86. Personal commitment to reduce your CO² footprint.
  87. UK Hate Crimes - Dilemma
  88. Couple tries to raise a child in a gender-neutral environment
  89. The Loving Story In Photos
  90. Press TV Loses license to broadcast in UK
  91. Is antisemitism racism?
  92. Should the State be allowed to force a woman to have an abortion?
  93. The C Word
  94. Joe Paterno (1926-2012)
  95. Political correctness truly has gone mad
  96. 101-year-old woman evicted
  97. Moral/Ethical question concerning social networking information
  98. It's illegal to be drunk in a bar in Alaska
  99. Racist WiFi ID in NJ being investigated as "bias crime"
  100. Suicide - Facts and Fiction
  101. SCOTUS: GPS tracking of suspect's vehicle requires warrant.
  102. Why are you a good person instead of a bad person?
  103. WA State Lege on Track to OK Gay Marriage
  104. [Ed] Murder is fine ... if you're a woman
  105. Fed Judge: Forcing de-cryption does not violate 5th ammendment
  106. [Merged] State Of Oklahoma Proposes Ban On Food Containing Human Fetuses
  107. ACTA - Worldwide Sopa?
  108. What is the end point of the pro-life movement?
  109. Gay by choice?
  110. [Merged] SEAL Team 6 And Barack Obama Strike Again
  111. Julian Assange Takes Job for Russia Today
  112. Diversity/tolerance classes
  113. self-help cult cooks a woman to death
  114. The Race Question
  115. Chuckachucka!! What's that Bueller YT teaser about?
  116. Does society consist of a patchwork of subcultures?
  117. Our Men in Libya: Widespread Torture and Abuse
  118. Is Apple a good corporate citizen?
  119. Atheists Least Trusted
  120. Iranian and Hizbollah snipers helping to put down the Syrian revolt?
  121. China News Digest
  122. IAEA inspections underway in Iran
  123. 'I'm going to destroy America and dig up Marilyn Monroe'
  124. Mom Sues Media For $30 Million For 'Sexualizing' Her Daughter
  125. ‘Sexually Frustrated’ Meth-Smoking Glendale Man Caught Driving Naked From Waist Down
  126. Brazilian New Super Rich
  127. Exciting News For Pedo Exhibitionists
  128. 'House' episode offends asexuals
  129. Students Tied Up by Teacher, Fed Semen and Covered in Roaches
  130. Japan's fast breeder reactor project near collapse
  131. People who say "WAKE UP"
  132. Kim Jong Un Looking at Things
  133. [Merged] 73 dead, hundreds hurt in riots after soccer game
  134. Interesting copyright case
  135. Casinos: How Bad?
  136. scientology condemned in France
  137. Gay haters want JC Penney to dump Ellen.
  138. John Goodman Adopts His Own Girlfriend!
  139. European extradition warrants
  140. Susan G. Koman for the Cure dumps Planned Parenthood
  141. Egyptian soccer massacre
  142. Poisoning or Just a Prank
  143. Violation of the Conscience Clause?
  144. Would You Take Driving Points For Someone Else?
  145. Dead gamer unnoticed in web cafe for hours
  146. Daily Mail Article: Right-wingers are sooo dumb
  147. Indonesia requires male circumcision
  148. Facebook: Man in the Middle Attack
  149. Are the British just too polite?
  150. California's Proposition 8 Ruled Unconstitutional
  151. Miramonte Elementery School scandal
  152. Parenthood is between a man and a woman and a child.
  153. The BBC trolls a troll
  154. Policeman chases his own tail
  155. Why so much hatred for feminism?
  156. Anti-nuclear Numskullery
  157. Guest house owners lose discrimination case
  158. Tell me about real-world "wires."
  159. Drag Queens: Are they lying to themselves?
  160. County shuts down rifle range.
  161. Facebook "chainletter" posts
  162. Guess who is green now? C'mon, guess.
  163. Amputation as a treatment for BIID
  164. [Merged] Whitney Houston dead
  165. Phone thief poses for pictures
  166. Women keeping ex's last name after divorce
  167. A first-hand account of tonight's demonstration in Athens
  168. "Why not polygamous marriage?"
  169. Less regulation = More polarisation
  170. 2012 Grammy Awards
  171. Deaf girl lives decade in UK cellar as a slave
  172. Penn State lite - "reporting protocols" again
  173. Religious crazy in Alabama in plot to kill President Obama
  174. Environmentalism, the New Secular Religion -- which is a Good Thing
  175. AZ 100Years
  176. Iranian bombing campaign against Israeli diplomatic targets?
  177. People shouting "conspiracy theorist!" when no conspiracy is claimed
  178. Iranian terrorist has a bad day
  179. Illegal deportation for Twitter comments
  180. Do You Really Want To Know?
  181. Police In Two Hour Stand-Off With Empty Car
  182. "Your Lunch is Lacking Nutrition... Have Some Chicken Nuggets!"
  183. Snake bite with a difference
  184. [Ed] Starved Wisconsin teen was confined to basement for years
  185. Will our robots eventually take over the world?
  186. Where's the birth certificate????
  187. Poor America - BBC Panorama Documentary
  188. Police: Suicide attack on U.S. Capitol foiled
  189. Hitler may have had a son after all
  190. Where is the thread complaining about Black History Month?
  191. Kevin Rudd is a Happy Little Vegemite
  192. Has Candada Changed since the 1980's?
  193. Illinois to criminalize sex...
  194. Rape Jokes: do you think they condone rape?
  195. Fat Acceptance
  196. "Aussie hotels ban patrons with tattoos"
  197. What does a successful integration/immigration policy look like?
  198. Synthetic meat - a dilemma for vegetarians?
  199. Boxers facing jailtime for fighting eachother
  200. Maybe The Dingo Didn't Eat My Baby After All
  201. did the bbc get tricked
  202. Are sexists just sexually frustrated?
  203. What are my options for minimalistic house?
  204. Venting, religious freedom, try being a pagan or atheist
  205. AZ legislatures OK bill to teach the bible
  206. Guess which web site has the most embedded trackers.
  207. What's The Connection Between Jesus and Climate Change, Anyway?
  208. Levis Ad Campaign Misses Its Own Point
  209. Men are Nicer to Women than Women are to Women
  210. Does someone deserve to suffer miserably...
  211. [Merged] Stolen Valour -Fraudster's fake 9/11 FDNY claim revealed /Something for the Kaz file
  212. Latest Fundy Fear mongering: Universities make kids atheists
  213. Rioting for shoes?
  214. ''Cars cause more trauma to the community than any other crime combined"
  215. Lesbians asault Gay man. Hate crime?
  216. Bin Laden Compound torn down
  217. Out Of Control FOX "News" Reporter Arrested For Attacking Nurses
  218. Lazy Greeks? Maybe not ....
  219. Richard Dawkins - Not sure if God doesn't exist
  220. Stephen Hawking at a Sex club
  221. John Hinckly bemoans his lot in life
  222. On the mathematical equivalency of new *bids sites and lotteries
  223. Google and Internet Privacy
  224. 2-27-12 Another high school shooting.
  225. Another 5th Amendment Encryption ruling
  226. Are rich people more unethical?
  227. Iran film wins Oscar - In your face Israel!!
  228. The 1% shows it's true colors once again
  229. Article about good employees... Like Astrology?
  230. Japan Tsunami - One year later
  231. Swearish - another form of communication
  232. Lawrence Krauss uppercuts Santorum
  233. Another US military gay kiss goes viral
  234. Apple Worth More Than Poland
  235. [Merged] "Post-Birth abortion article published in Journal of Medical Ethics causing a stir
  236. Monkees singer Davy Jones dies in Florida at 66
  237. The worst fallout from Fukushima is fear
  238. "Pot Farm" Game on Facebook
  239. Pain suffering and humiliation. That's how you solve the problem of poverty.
  240. Horsegate
  241. Worst PR ever (libyan grave smashing)
  242. Kardashians named in 5 million dollar QuickTrim lawsuit.
  243. A real life Muffin Button
  244. Deporting An 18 Year Old Valedectorian
  245. I want to start an association.
  246. How many friends do you have?
  247. Man With Breast Cancer Denied Medicaid Coverage Because He's Not a Woman
  248. Help Me Understand the Current Contraception Slap-Fight
  249. Kirk Cameron Finally Weighs in on How Gays Will Destroy Civilization
  250. If you downloaded the Anonymous DoS tool, you'd better change all your passwords