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  6. To what does the 'educational' refer in JREF?
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  10. What Happened to Responsibility?
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  12. Who shall inherit the crown after Randi?
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  14. Randi, JREF, 15 Posters/Administratios/Moderators sued for $20 Million
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  17. [Moderated]JREF Loss $79,859 FY 2006
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  19. How should the JREF scholarships work?
  20. Identifying local skeptics by map
  21. James Randi is/is not civilised (Split from "What I am saying")
  22. Dutch readers heads up: Randi on zembla
  23. Randi lecture at MIT
  24. Randi on BBC 1 The One Show
  25. Can't read the Swift articles!
  26. Request Randi on Larry King Live
  27. Congratulations, Mr. President
  28. JREF Employees..."Leaking" Challenge Information?
  29. [Merged]Does Randi Needs to Apologize or What?
  30. How does the current financial crisis affect the Challenge funds?
  31. Randi nominated for Houdini Award
  32. Why no CFC Listing?
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  34. Not sure if this belong here. JREF store.
  35. A Critical Examination of Randiís Encyclopedia entry on UFOs
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  37. Dumb, dumb, dumb, de dumb, dumb.
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  43. Randi CONFESSED he LIED !!! -- Rupert Sheldrake
  44. Million dollar challenge not ending!
  45. scientific review criticism
  46. Door To The Dead, Alison Smith and the JREF
  47. When you think people can't get any worse...
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  50. JREF on YouTube Disappeared?
  51. JREF demonic? Or defaced?
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  54. Volunteer Needed: JREF Amazon Store Librarian
  55. I Just thought you guys might like to see this....
  56. Does the JREF help pay for legal fees
  57. Why Does Randi Ignore My Emails?
  58. Randi essay / statement about being an atheist?
  59. Today's NY Times Crossword
  60. What Can/Should the JREF Do?
  61. Pigasus - Woo Woo T-shirt design
  62. David Thompson to visit Florida
  63. Combined Federal Campaign--but no JREF
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  65. Is JREF a Charity?
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  67. Why isn't JREF an atheist organisation?
  68. New article on Swift
  69. Randi's Pic Changed?
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  72. JREF a Gay Organization?
  73. JREF a paper-folding organization?
  74. JREF a scouting organisation?
  75. Why didn't the new president address the forum?
  76. Praise where praise is due - Forum Ads.
  77. Someone on NRO is a JREF fan...
  78. How's Randi?
  79. If There's One Part of Randi's life You wish was Part of Yours, which part would that
  80. For Good Reason: Daniel Loxton - Evolution for Kids
  81. A question about JREF headquarters
  82. For Good Reason: Richard Dawkins - Framing Darwin
  83. Skeptics Guide to the Universe: Brian Dunning
  84. Difference between Introductory and Individual Membership
  85. Yet another madman at the pub
  86. For Good Reason: Carol Tavris - Mistakes Were Made
  87. For Good Reason: Harriet Hall - Science-Based Medicine
  88. JREF iPhone Application
  89. For Good Reason: Lionel Tiger - God's Brain
  90. Thank you all for your work here.
  91. For Good Reason: Jennifer Michael Hecht - The Poetry of Skepticism
  92. For Good Reason: James Randi - A Skeptic Comes Out at 81
  93. I'd rather we have one Marine
  94. For Good Reason: Bruce M. Hood - Why We Believe in the Unbelievable
  95. For Good Reason: Skepticality - Five Years of Skepticality
  96. For Good Reason: Simon Singh - Libel Reform
  97. Clone Randi
  98. For Good Reason: Vic Stenger - In Search of Cosmic Consciousness
  99. For Good Reason: Deirdre Barrett - Supernormal Stimuli
  100. For Good Reason: Paul Provenza - Satiristas
  101. TAM London
  102. What's going on at JREF?!
  103. Skeptics Guide to the Universe: Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay
  104. Skeptics Guide to the Universe: Steve Matheson
  105. Looking for documentation of the Randi "sex tape" sting.
  106. Great collection of Randi podcasts
  107. Joining the foundation outside NA?
  108. Banachek taking over the MDC?
  109. Bad disc in DVD set?
  110. For Good Reason: Ray Hyman - Life of an Expert Skeptic
  111. For Good Reason: Ben Radford - Scientific Paranormal Investigation
  112. For Good Reason: Massimo Pigliucci - Nonsense on Stilts
  113. Jref
  114. Swift blog comments RSS wrong?
  115. Atheist Directions At The JREF
  116. Is Alison Smith Gone?
  117. Is Rich Montalvo still at the JREF?
  118. SWIFT commenters
  119. JREF Store?
  120. New Education Advisory Panel
  121. Why Falls Church VA?
  122. Concern about JREF Season of Reason email
  123. A Modest Fundraising Idea For JREF
  124. JREF Employment Opportunity - App Developer
  125. Tax Deductibility of TAM Registration
  126. GoodSearch and James Randi Educational Foundation
  127. So what does James Randi do for a living?
  128. Role of the Forum in the JREF (Split from "Change to Rule 6")
  129. 'An Amazing Encounter' by...ME!
  130. a shout out to d j grothe
  131. Lawrence Leung - Unbelievable
  132. An Introduction
  133. Today in Skeptic History, the JREF's first smartphone app!
  134. TAM 8 & TAM London 2 DVD's
  135. Can I still e-mail James Randi?
  136. The JREF on ABC's Primetime Nightline!
  137. [Merged] Take a Stand for Skepticism!
  138. Our Amazing Randi
  139. James Randi Dragon Con T-Shirt
  140. Whats the best way to contact James Randi?
  141. Reality checking: JREF email offer?
  142. What's the connection between the JREF and majorgeeks.com?
  143. JREF donations as holiday gifts
  144. Now a PM from Randi
  145. Why no Paypal option to donate to JREF?
  146. Ways for JREF to raise money
  147. What does JREF do exactly?
  148. Now a letter from Randi
  149. "An Honest Liar" - The Amazing Randi Story
  150. The works of Randi and others need to be spread to Latin America
  151. Why NOT one BILLION?
  152. Vintage Randi Poster
  153. Donation
  154. Pat Robertson... Really? Reallyy????
  155. Randi in NY Times Crossword again
  156. Am I using the strawman fallacy in Swift blog comments?
  157. James Randi is the center of the universe?
  158. Where's your store?
  159. Donation problem :(
  160. Johnny Carson, King of Late Night
  161. Amazing Adventure 2012 - The trouble with Belize
  162. A way for the JREF to raise some money?
  163. The JREF idea of Reality
  164. Anyone know why the JREF director of communications has resigned, out of protest?
  165. Randi in a video equipment article/promo
  166. "Now You Know!" JREF CD-ROM
  167. Why does the JREF sponsor this conference?
  168. Why does James Randi endorse the Singularity Summit?
  169. Consequence podcast: what happened to it?
  170. Big bill for the JREF :(
  171. Support JREF by buying from amazon
  172. Pigasus?
  173. I can't donate to the JREF
  174. Jref taught not what to think, but how to think.
  175. Personally signed Randi poster?
  176. Adam Savage Joins JREF Board