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  1. Death Defying Acts
  2. Horton as Propaganda?
  3. Altered Carbon and cyberpunk--a review
  4. John Adams on HBO
  5. Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)
  6. Arthur C. Clarke Has Died
  7. Dystopian literature
  8. Dashiell Hammett
  9. Is it just me or does "pragmatic" have two opposite meanings.
  10. The John Adam mini-series
  11. Let's Talk Blues Music
  12. Tomoe Gozen
  13. Did our founding fathers intend for this country to be a Representative Republic?...
  14. Books you were supposed to read but didn't
  15. George S. Patton: Poet
  16. Best 'New Atheist' Book
  17. Paris Religious Historic Woo (and a head on a platter)
  18. Honoring the Cultures of the World in Less than 5 Minutes
  19. Words that rhyme with "Orange" or "Silver"
  20. Those damn dirty apes...
  21. More crap from Holllywood- Defiance movie
  22. Totally Captivated for the Duration - John Locke
  23. What is the difference between art and advertising?
  24. Crazy Art
  25. Stonehenge bluestones used for their healing properties?
  26. America's Favorite Book
  27. Jew Nominates Adolf Hitler for Nobel Peace Prize
  28. Painting of woman with great personality to fetch upwards of $17M
  29. English Usage US vs. UK
  30. Starving a dog in the name of art?
  31. Why would Amazon think that a reader of Randi's books would be interested in this?
  32. Previously unknown photographs of Thomas Pynchon?
  33. Happy birthday, Tom Lehrer!
  34. Everything You Know Is Wrong: What Does Everyone Think of these Disinfo Guides?
  35. Proof of Evil-The skull of a devil....
  36. Recommend a book you read this year
  37. Shakespeare's Birthday
  38. 90th anniversary of the battle of Villers-Bretonneux
  39. New Stonehenge book features "sacred geometry"
  40. The Founding Fathers
  41. Science sculpture
  42. If you were stranded on deserted island and could only have 1 book, what would it be?
  43. An aspiring author asks for advice
  44. Textables
  45. (SPlit thread) History of the Union
  46. God is not Great by Christopher Hitchns
  47. Indiana Jones is fiction
  48. The Turtle submarine did it exist?
  49. Treaty of Versailles caused WW2
  50. Alt-History Question - American Indians
  51. english grammar
  52. Script Number Four: Day 1
  53. Cartoonist Jailed Over Drawings in "Democratic" Britain
  54. Early(ish) History of America
  55. Nazis Shrunk the Heads of Jews
  56. Randi / Harvey Birdman
  57. Mythical Monsters Wanted - Suggestions Please
  58. Recommend some horror/sci-fi short-story collections
  59. Theatres lying about their reviews
  60. 30 May 2008: Centenary of birth of Hannes Alfvén
  61. My Mum has published her second book
  62. Stephanie Meyer - Luck of the Draw?
  63. Russian royal family escaped
  64. Holocaust
  65. The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb
  66. Churchill and the Holocaust
  67. Pre Columbian civilizations?
  68. Is Roger Ebert Going Over the Edge?
  69. Extinct Tree From Christ's Time Rises From the Dead
  70. Recommend me some Science Fiction Lit and share your views?
  71. Books on the Manhattan Project
  72. Vocabulary test
  73. A New Science Book about the Universe
  74. Stone of Destiny a fake?
  75. Amazing but False by Diefendorf
  76. "Wicked"
  77. Any avid readers with some free time?
  78. Is this Adam Savage in Cectic comic?
  79. Malcolm X
  80. Hidden music decoded from art?
  81. New World Order Map Published Feb. 1942
  82. Joan of Arc
  83. Marco Polo vs. the skeptics
  84. American Revolutionary War
  85. Rabbit (short story)
  86. Searching for a short story (of a skeptical nature)
  87. Classical Music, String Recommendations
  88. Poetry and the Deaf.
  89. Luftl Report:Gas Chambers Not Possible
  90. Nuremberg:Fair Trial or Show Trial?
  91. Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?
  92. Hitler: Great Humanitarian
  93. Proof of the Holocaust
  94. Extending album art
  95. Writer's Block!
  96. Is the new Batman movie just Heath Hype?
  97. Green-eyed Monster!
  98. Abbott & Costello
  99. The Naked Archaeologist
  100. Prometheus Bound (& Gagged!)
  101. Looking for a Ghost debuking book
  102. Favorite / Influential Comedians
  103. Can you separate the artist from the person?
  104. General Eisenhower, a war criminal?
  105. Mother Theresa
  106. Challenge to calebprime: Sell me on Schoenberg!
  107. Is WALL-E totally over-rated or what?
  108. What book is everyone NOT reading right now
  109. Peregrinus expectavi pedes meos in cymbalis
  110. Opinions on the new Gavin Menzies book?
  111. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - Dead
  112. history of warfare
  113. How big are Velociraptors?
  114. Schools and Critical Thinking classes
  115. Recommend me a book about the history of spiritualism
  116. Purchasing a keyboard
  117. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Writer Dead
  118. [Split Thread] Discussion about the term "publicity whore"
  119. 13 Things That Don't Make Sense
  120. Film Noir Classics
  121. Aguirre, The Wrath of God
  122. The Princess Bride
  123. George Carlin - Comic Great or Overrated?
  124. Skepdoc's memoir - Reviewed
  125. Mixing acrylic paints
  126. I need help finding this ghost story I once heard (French; Fireside Al)
  127. Walking tour
  128. [Split Thread] Bill Clinton's fund-raising
  129. The Catcher in the Rye
  130. Debate Coaches Gone Wild!
  131. Don't be a BOOB help out Robert!
  132. In Which Book Would You Choose to Live?
  133. Marianas Trench Dive Faked!!!
  134. Danny Kaye and The Secret Life of Walter Mittty
  135. Holes, the book
  136. Please, someone recommend me the Daniel Dennett of History
  137. Ernie Kovacs
  138. What book do you love but would never choose to live in?
  139. Louisiana Purchase - Napoleon's worst decision?
  140. Updating a painting you didn't originally create.
  141. Have you ever become obsessed with a book?
  142. Favourite/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations
  143. Tyrant technological normalization
  144. Favourite/Worst Novelisations
  145. Lovecraftian universe - just who is REALLY sane?
  146. Movie Review, just for You: Hamlet 2
  147. What is the purest form of art?
  148. Palin is a Genius!!!!!!!
  149. Good-bye Jerry Reed
  150. Hee Haw returns this Sunday
  151. 'Bad Science' Finally Released
  152. Israelite slaves....
  153. The Most Influential Person in History.
  154. History Question
  155. Brooklyn and Literary references
  156. the potter copyright case
  157. Knife crime poetry censorship
  158. Germany during the Cold War ...Need help with a question...
  159. Greatest of 'The Dead' trilogy (Plus 1)
  160. Rome and The Space Shuttle
  161. Tycho Brahe killed in Plot by Kepler
  162. Merriwether Lewis Murdered, Did NOT Commit Suicide
  163. King Tut Murdered
  164. Galileo taken out by Government Conspiracy
  165. David Foster Wallace - RIP
  166. What book you might want to live in contrary to author?
  167. 19-tone music?
  168. Stephen King/Richard Russo book signing in MASS Nov 6
  169. Why do the dogs always survive?
  170. Why almost no Keltic influence on the English language?
  171. Dewey defeats Truman!!!!
  172. ANother One Of The Greats Gone....
  173. Stonehenge as healing centre
  174. David Foster Wallace...what's all the fuss?
  175. Poll: How many times have you read the entire Bible?
  176. Books you couldn't quite get into
  177. The Order of the Wombat
  178. What to read in Denver when you’re dead? Can anyone add to the list?
  179. "Art and Healing" by Barbara Ganim- Any thoughts?
  180. Ethics & The Golden Rule
  181. Why the Scientific Revolution had to Happen in Europe
  182. The Buried Book
  183. A very bookish conspiracy. You can be part of it.
  184. Cholla The Painting Horse
  185. What scary kid's book is this?
  186. Buying and selling fossils.
  187. Movies that are NOT from books or comic books
  188. Hysterical historical find in my old house
  189. Nobel prize for literature and American lit
  190. Ok...I found this on Google vids...some of you will appreciate it..Read on...
  191. harry Potter & the Half-Baked Plot
  192. Tony Hillerman dead
  193. On the road by Jack Kerouac
  194. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  195. Bible Lit Crit?
  196. Three Cheers for Studs Terkel!!!!!! RIP
  197. If I hear the phrase "loss of innocence" one more time
  198. Critical Street Art, Photos and Discussion
  199. Two poems for you to critique
  200. [Split Thread] Atomic bombing of Japan (Split from "To my Republican friends")
  201. Scientific Apocalypticism
  202. why haven't Americans heard of this?
  203. Blueprints of Auschwitz found
  204. For writers
  205. Happy Birthday US Marine Corp! Ooh-Rah!
  206. Greatest Presidents?
  207. Amazon's Kindle
  208. Greatest British Prime Ministers?
  209. Ugly Buildings
  210. Vir bonus, dicendi peritus - Need a Citation
  211. Hooray for the Jews!!!!!!
  212. Did Douglass inspire one of Lincoln's most famous lines?
  213. Err.. I need some help finding some good offline history resources
  214. Street papers! Share your town's publication!
  215. Favorite Medieval Heretic?
  216. Republican Abe Lincoln Used Deceit and Deception to Start the Civil War
  217. Yakov Dzhugashvili
  218. Winston Churchill a war criminal?
  219. Soviet Union army
  220. Is Magic an Art?
  221. A question about celebrity bashing
  222. The bewigged emperor?
  223. Francophones --- Little Help?
  224. The Macbeth curse(s)
  225. Winter war and Continuation War facts
  226. Recently a scientist wrote a book about a dead civilization on mars.
  227. Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"
  228. Writer of Science Fiction or Fantasy?
  229. Favourite Mythology?
  230. Yes Man another hollywood movie with hypnotists
  231. Another Point For Roger Ebert
  232. WW2 German Computer Research
  233. He was good with the servants
  234. An Astronomer advises on set of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
  235. Favourite dystopia's
  236. Propaganda
  237. Does anyone else have a DA account?
  238. Why did the Mossad let Josef Mengele escape
  239. Robert Henry Best
  240. Any chance this is true?
  241. Recommend Free eBooks - Which ones are you reading now?
  242. The notorious Bettie Page dies at 85
  243. Most Overrated Artists...
  244. Kurapaty
  245. Max Manus -
  246. Overcompensating
  247. Book of Vivifying the Soul Forever - fiction?
  248. Most overrated books
  249. Official Government-Approved Xmas Carol
  250. Trying to Find a Book...