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20th September 2003, 10:54 AM
Labels, labels, labels……………….

Is the use of labels robbing us of our intellect? Has it become so easy to label someone that we can dismiss them with a label? Oh, that is just more liberal claptrap. Listen to that Redneck! Conservatives can’t really think for themselves, anyway. Typical Democrat/Republican.

I have even seen posters dismiss arguments because if you believe A then B must be true. Wow, it somehow seems pretty phony to consider ourselves intellectuals or thinkers and then be bound by labels.

Then we also do it with countries. A country opposes us regarding Iraq and somehow now even their satellite TV rules and regulations are communistic. We relabel food based on a county’s position on a political issue. Our elected officials pounce on this ignorant claptrap in order to appeal to the basest emotions in each of us.

And then we have the label creators. Conservative got to be almost respectable so they invented Neo-Con to label some conservatives they considered particularly reprehensible. And on the other side of the political spectrum we had to create the label “Politically Correct” to describe those whose liberalism has replaced common sense in the labeler’s mind.

And then we take labels many are proud of and ridicule them in an effort to make them appear bad. Patriotism is a good example. Those who oppose current policies would label people as PATRIOTS and mean bad by it as though Patriots reach their position only because it is that of their government. It is more of the same “If you don’t think as I do you must be stupid or have something else wrong with you.”

Would it be possible for us to eschew the use of labels and in our discussions stick to the content of the poster? Is this desirable? Or is it too much to expect each reader and poster to consider what his/her fellow poster said rather than label their position and thereby pigeon hole it where we do not need to consider it further?

20th September 2003, 11:05 AM
You forgot the most over-used label of all, "racist".

Lord Kenneth
20th September 2003, 11:15 AM
Originally posted by Tony
You forgot the most over-used label of all, "racist".

Quiet, you pinko-communist! :mad:

20th September 2003, 11:18 AM
Originally posted by Lord Kenneth

Quiet, you pinko-communist! :mad:

Shut-up you bedwetting leftist. :p

20th September 2003, 11:37 AM

You are obviously a malcontent.

Where would the DYMO corporation (http://www.dymo.com/home.jhtml;jsessionid=HDYFPKG4HQT3ICRMUD0CFEQKFSQP IIV5?overwriteProfile=Y&websiteId=DYMO_en_US) be without labels?