View Full Version : A liberal says positive things about Sarah Palin

2nd September 2008, 07:10 AM
Although I disagree almost 100% with her policies, and I don't think she's qualified to be president, here are some honest, positive comments from a left-winger (not a Democrat, although I will be voting for Obama) about Sarah.

• I admire that her son is "walking the walk" and going to serve in Iraq. I think the war is a travesty and a tragedy, but you believe the war is essential to American security, you should be willing to step up. (I also admire anyone who truly volunteers for military service, since, even though I'm a liberal, I do recognize that a military defense is necessary as a last resort, I just wish we had a commander-in-chief would would use our military more wisely that Bush has.)

• I admire that she sold that jet on e-bay and got rid of her private driver. She seems to be genuinely interested in cutting government waste, despite her flip-flop on the Bridge to Nowhere. (Maybe something genuinely criminal will come out in the deeper vetting, but so far what I've heard about her firings and hirings doesn't sound any more or less corrupt that what someone who came up in small town politics would do.)

• I admire that she ran a marathon. I'm training for just a 1/2 marathon right now, and I can't fathom doing the entire 26 miles.

• Although I think hunting is barbaric (when it's done for sport instead of survival), I admire that she's not afraid to go out and participate in a male dominated sport (although maybe all women in Alaska hunt, I don't know).

• She's not really my type (I'd lean more towards Elizabeth Kucinich), I suppose she's not unattractive.