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28th January 2009, 11:51 PM
I have just watched a series called Catastrophe (http://www.channel4.com/science/microsites/C/catastrophe/index.html) back-to-back (I don't like adverts and have a habit of recording programmes I'm interested in on commercial channels so I can skip them).

It covered some fascinating topics, was well presented by Tony Robinson with appropriate and high quality CGI.

Perhaps not everyone's cup-of-tea with some language I was less than happy with* and some subjects that are probably still open to some debate. Tony Robinson lacks the scientific credibility of some presenters and is disliked by some but I thought he did a sterling job presenting and narrating.

That said, I found the series extremely accessible, with complex ideas presented in an easy to follow and very watchable style.

I particularly liked the format of "How did this happen" followed by "Let's look at the evidence".

I know there are thousands of hours of excellent natural history programmes, some covering the same topics in great detail but this one struck me as very easy and very watchable for a very wide audience.

IIRC it ended, just about, with a North American catastrophe (Clovis layer) approx. 13,000 years ago (possible asteroid strike).

After I had finished watching, it struck me that every single piece of evidence and every single explanation (there was a lot) would have to be totally ignored by the YEC and IDiots etc. It ended 3-9,000 years before the YEC and others would have started.

4-5 hours of fascinating, interesting and beautifully presented facts and information and a great story would have to be discounted and replaced with 1 second of Goddidit. This is not even considering the further information that many (including me) would want to discover later about specific events.

I find this rather sad.

I also assume that such programmes are not watched by the faithful - which I also find very sad. It must be hard to watch a programme that says "what you believe is bollocks" every second for several hours.

Even taking the extreme assumption and that everything in the programmes was wrong - it's still a far, far better, interesting and enjoyable story than "Goddidit".

What a sad intellectual wasteland these people must inhabit.

A great shame.

For now I'm moved to pity. I sure I'll recover soon and return to my normal repugnance at their activities.

*"Biblical proportions" - I hardly consider the collision of two planets to be comparable with the rather insignificant plague of locusts or even a global flood of a fairy tale.

29th January 2009, 12:11 AM
Meanwhile, I'll sit back and wait for the YEC explanation that manages to fit a planetary collision, 'snowball Earth' (and several ice ages), a 'planet of fire' (plus the desolation of India) and a massive asteroid strike (and a smaller one) into the last 6,000 years. With references.