View Full Version : Alt-Med Subjects/Critical Analysis

The Atheist
31st January 2009, 07:38 PM
Having just had a couple wins of against alt-med, I've gone out and spent $0-99 buying alt-med.info.

I don't have the ability to research all of the subjects, from acupuncture to zygote-flavoured toffee, but I know that many medical experts lurk around here and wondered whether some might like to contribute.

I intend having a single analysis of as many types of alt-med as I can, in a format as follows:

What the "medication" consists of?
How does it [not] work?
What does medical science say on the subject?
Risk/benefit analsys.

I see each analysis starting on an almost positive note, encouraging the reader to find out more, then hit with the barrage of death and destruction at the end.

Anyone interested in participating by contributing articles, links, whatever, go ahead!

Also, suggestions on style will be welcome - as long as the end result is a site that the genuinely naive will go to, then some of them may be educatable, if things are presented in the right manner.

Contributions can be anonymous or credited as you wish.