View Full Version : Municipal Elections in Ontario - How did The Crazy Party Do?

26th October 2010, 05:12 AM
Yesterday was the Big Day for municipal elections here in Ontario. We elected new mayors and city councils pretty much everywhere. This time round, there was a candidate for city councillor from my ward who was clearly running for the Crazy Party (http://www.oneilbrooke.com/):

So, how did he do? About 3.08% of the vote:


You can compare that the the turnout for Andrew Nellis, a weird fellow I used to go to school with, who has been a big homeless activist in Ottawa for years now. Andrew got 4.48% of the vote.

Then there was our old friend Black Krishna, who was running for Mayor of Toronto. (http://whatyouwanttobelievein.com/) He got a whopping 0.278% of the vote. (http://election.toronto.ca/epr/eprDetail.do?000,)

So, apparently, my ward is even crazier than Toronto.

So, how did your local Crazy Party candidates do?