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7th May 2004, 12:15 AM
This is wonderful, from the Medical Products Agency in Sweden they have the following to say about registration of Homeopathic medicine as an alternative medicine. In Sweden you can get stuff registered as alternative medicine if you can prove it harmless (no evidence of effect is needed). When you get it registered you are allowed to sell it to the public. Link (http://www.mpa.se/eng/special_products/homeopathic/index.shtml)

Registration criteria

In order to qualify for registration the products must:

be for oral or external use. This includes all methods of administration with the exception of injections;
be sufficiently dilute to guarantee their safety;
make no therapeutic claims.

7th May 2004, 03:03 AM
This is the same for the UK.

Licensing of homeopathic medicines (http://medicines.mhra.gov.uk/ourwork/licensingmeds/types/homoeopathic.htm)

I find this an odd stance. The homeopathic products are allowed to be licensed and used by the public but at the same time it is accepted by the regulators that they do not have a therapeutic effect. This is a get out clause that permits use of homeopathic medicines without them having to go through all of the rigorous and extensive safety and efficacy testing that other medicines have to.