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18th October 2004, 09:31 AM
Add Brent Scowcroft, Bush 1's national security advisor, to the list of Bush critics:
The national security adviser under the first President Bush says the current president acted contemptuously toward NATO and Europe after Sept. 11 and is trying to cooperate now out of desperation to "rescue a failing venture" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brent Scowcroft, a mentor to the current national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, also said in an interview published in England that Bush is inordinately influenced by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

"Sharon just has him wrapped around his little finger," Scowcroft told London's Financial Times. "I think the president is mesmerized." article (http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=519&u=/ap/20041017/ap_on_re_us/scowcroft_bush_4&printer=1)