View Full Version : Grow hair and brain cells simultaneously!!!

Charlie in Dayton
6th March 2005, 05:01 PM
...the stuff that shows up in the email inbox...

Thinning hair? Rejuvenate it with a laser-powered hair brush!
Now only $299 -- Save!! Reduced from $599!! (http://www.lasertron.org/)

Thinning thought processes? Rejuvenate them by reprogramming your brain with your PC!! Menu-driven! Customizable!! Money Back Guarantee!!! Price increase could happen at any time to reflect demand!!!! Order yours today, and get 29 free mind-zapping affirmations! Less than $40!!! (http://eliteinnercircle.com/reports/c/4EW) ...okay, it's 3ΒΆ less, but still...