View Full Version : PBS Nova to air "Katrina: What Went Wrong" Tuesday 22 November.

20th November 2005, 09:03 AM

Unlike many news shows on Katrina, this program focuses in depth on the factors that made New Orleans so vulnerable. Shrinking wetlands had steadily eroded the city's natural protective barrier against the fury of tropical storms. Ironically, the vast effort invested in diverting the Mississippi River and building defensive levees had only helped to accelerate the sinking of entire neighborhoods below sea level. Meanwhile, growing evidence indicates that poor construction led to the failure of several critical levees (see How the City Flooded). The program investigates these issues with exclusive coverage of top engineers, hurricane experts, and emergency officials as they grapple with the first few traumatic days of the disaster.

The one-hour documentary also shows how the disastrous impact of a strong hurricane was clearly foreseen by the scientists and agencies participating in "Exercise Pam" a year before Katrina (see The Man Who Knew). Computer models of Katrina's impact turned out to be impressively accurate, but the predictions ultimately failed to influence authorities and prevent the tragic aftermath of the storm.

More than just an engineering story, "Storm That Drowned a City" looks to the future and asks what can be done to make New Orleans a safely habitable city. In a program full of gripping footage gathered in the wake of the catastrophe, NOVA exposes the immense challenges posed by rebuilding New Orleans as well as examines why the city was so tragically unprepared when the long-feared disaster finally struck.

20th November 2005, 09:20 AM
Thank you. I will set my TIVO now.