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23rd April 2006, 09:23 AM

Saw this posted at ebaums, thought it was great. Funny argument between O'Reilly, hip-hop producer Damon Dash and rapper Cam'ron...that has some real relevant stuff.

When Cam'ron wasn't taunting O'Reilly and laughing in his face (which O'Reilly might deserve a little bit)...he actually had some good points. He said he'd go to the school and talk to the kids, and that the Principal needed to do more, including finding their parents (if they're in school someone DOES indeed watch over them).

Plus it was a good point when he said he was just being honest about his life. There's a mature-sticker on the albums. What is he supposed to do, make sure his album is safe for people who aren't supposed to buy it? Is he supposed to be the parent to all these kids?

Plus Dash did point out that they do have positive community programs that no one knows about.

Not that I agree totally with making kids think pimping women is cool, but a great discussion nonetheless.

EDIT: Having watched this video again...a couple more points...

First, you know how they do underground battle tapes in hip-hop? Jay-Z vs. Nas, and what-not? I'd pay for a "Bill O'Reilly vs. Cam'ron" tape...or talk show. Anything between the two of them. I'm fascinated by the way Cam'ron deals with him. Even when Cam'ron has no point or comeback, it's like O'Reilly has no idea how to handle him or attack him.

Cam'ron doesn't debate like a normal politician or TV show guest. He only sporadically feels the need to speak. Sometimes he answers in depth sometimes he just sits there. Often when O'Reilly expects to make a point that gets Cam'ron on the defensive, so he can attack, Cam'ron doesn't bother to defend himself...and it causes some sort of glitch in O'Reilly's debating method. To whit:

O'Reilly: What if an 11-year-old kid imitates you, Cam'ron, what if he uses 4-letter words and he, develops a lifestyle based upon the street, he gets tattooed, do you feel badly about that?
Cam'ron: No I don't.
O'Reilly: ...
(O'Reilly just lets Damon Dash go on to something else)

Then when Cam'ron starts pointing at him and laughing, O'Reilly just kind of sits there like a scolded child.

Then Cam'ron out of nowhere says something like "Didn't you start on A Current Affair?" and threatens him with "I've got dirt on you, doggy!" But it gets cut off. I would give anything to see where that was going.

Second, the same logic O'Reilly uses to attack the albums can be turned back on him. He has a book called "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids," but his show is incredibly boring to children. It could be concluded that his show is bad because it's boring America's youth. Now of course he'd counter that the show isn't meant for children. But by the same token, there's a "mature audience" sticker on these uncensored albums.

23rd April 2006, 02:23 PM
Its funny how Bill attacks hip hop music.

One day I called his radio show to comment on this. I pointed out that the Beatles were more influential in creating the US drug culture than any rapper. He cut me off and just said that I was rediculous.