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Miss Whiplash
22nd August 2006, 07:27 AM
I think I have offended some people elsewhere by posting the below. I've always felt the Warrens believed their own version of the truth. However, Ray Garton - the author of In a Dark Place blew the whistle on them years ago on usenet.

I've posted about the Warrens in another thread, XXXX, but at the risk
Of repeating myself, I felt the urge to do it again here, with more

You asked for Warren stories ... well, I've got one. Please don't take
this as a personal attack, because it's not, really. Neither is it an opinion.
This really happened. I'm going to tell you what I *think* of the Warrens,
But first I'm going to tell you what I *know* of the Warrens.

family had lived in a house that used to be a mortuary (allegedly...I never saw
the inside of the house myself), which was, according to the Warrens,
infested with demons. But the family involved, which was going through some
serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could *not* keep their
story straight, and I became very frustrated; it's hard writing a
non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories. So I
went to Ed Warren and told him my problem. He told me not to worry, that the
family was "crazy". I was shocked. He said, "All the people who come to us
are crazy. You think *sane* people would come to us?" He knew I'd
written a lot of horror novels prior to that, so he told me to just make the story
up using whatever details I could incorporate into the book, and make it scary.
Because I couldn't afford the attorney fees it would take to get out
of the contract, I had to go through with the book, but I didn't like it.
Since then, other writers who have worked with the Warrens have told me the
EXACT SAME STORY, but they've done so quietly because they don't want to
make any waves with publishers.

I spent several days with the Warrens during that time. I spent time
With them in their home and ate with them and went on long drives with
them. Of the two, Lorraine is the sanest. She's an "enabler". Years ago,
before their career in the "supernatural" began, Ed suffered from mental
illness. It was bad enough to keep him from working, and the only way he could
make money was to hand paint haunted houses on dinnerplates and sell them
door to door. Once Ed decided that Lorraine was "psychic", selling the
haunted house plates eventually led to "investigating" haunted houses. At first,
they found "ghosts". But after the tremendous success of THE EXORCIST --
both the novel and the movie -- ghosts suddenly became demons. If you go back
and trace their career, you can see the sudden change. Almost overnight,
all ghosts were really demons trying to possess residents, and sooner or
later, the demons anally raped someone. It never fails, every damned time,
the Warrens' demons bend somebody over a bed or a sink and beat down the
back door, if you know what I mean. From my time spent with the Warrens, I
learned from Ed that their job is not really to "investigate" so much
as it is to take the stories told by these families -- most of whom are
dealing with REAL problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness,
and/or domestic abuse, problems that are buried by their supernatural
fantasies, which are supported and made tangible by the very eager Warrens -- and
arrange them into a saleable package that will make a good book, and
hopefully a movie.

Not only are the Warrens frauds, not only do they give a bad name to
People who are SERIOUSLY investigating paranormal phenomena, I think they're
EVIL because of the way they exploit families already deep in despair and
ready to shatter. I can ignore a simple con job ... but the Warrens are actually damaging
people who are already damaged, who are desperate and vulnerable,
using them for the sake of a book, maybe a lucrative movie sale, or another
story to add to their traveling dog and pony show. Before I worked on
that book, I'd followed the adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren faithfully
since I was a little boy. I was excited to work with them. Boy, was that a
big disappointment. It's nice to believe there's a smiling, grandparently
couple out there chasing demons ... but not when you know they're hurting
people for the sake of publicity and the almighty dollar.

Ray Garton


As it was posted by Garton on usenet in 1999 and 2000, I'm trying to contact the writer to verify the statement.

Anyone ever seen this statement before?

22nd August 2006, 07:35 AM
wow, no!!!

To be honest, the Warrens have always been red flagged by me. That same story was on television and the details were SO changed from the truth (Joe Nickell had a bit on them once, I forgot if Randi covered them.). I seem to remember they weren't even renting the whole house - and the other tenant had no problems. To say nothing of not paying rent and having awful problems. Plus, the son while very ill with cancer was also very ill mentally.

It was all very sad really.

I'd send that on to Mr.Randi and ask him if he has heard this.

That or Joe NIckell would know (at CSISOP), you may need to do snail mail with him.

Also, Michael Shermer would probably give this guy an article! Or he would if this were real. I think it would make a GREAT article!!!

Miss Whiplash
22nd August 2006, 07:47 AM
Thanks and I'll pass it on! I'm catching all sorts of hell for digging it up. I've also found the Warrens have their own little cult following, which is a bit disconcerting.

Miss Whiplash
24th August 2006, 11:46 AM
Ahh, well. Seems like I had poor timing. Ed Warren died yesterday.

Ed Warren Dead at 80 (http://www.warrens.net/frmain.htm)

24th August 2006, 12:23 PM

It's a damning indictment, but it has a certain smell of truth to it. Have you contaced this author directly for substantiation?

Miss Whiplash
24th August 2006, 12:53 PM
I have, but so far no answer. He might see the name "Warren", think "kook" and trash the email.