View Full Version : Skepticality: Michael A. Stackpole

16th January 2007, 01:23 PM
Michael A. Stackpole as guest.

They talk about 'the Pulling report' among other things. This is the report that set me firmly on the skeptical path.

Awesome episode.

Have fun at TAM

16th January 2007, 06:28 PM
This was one of my favorite shows personally. I grew up LOVING Role Playing Games and writing adventures and reading all the material. I NEVER as a child understood all the grown ups who had problems with them.

I was always looking at all the mental activity involved and sat there as a kid wondering why all those big people were so against me doing something that was SO much like the homework they forced me to do... but which I found so FUN!

When I first met Mike Stackpole it was so nice to meet the man who wrote that Pulling Report. I remember, fondly, reading it in High School and held it up to almost all teachers and others who found D&D and other RPG games so 'evil'.

Both myself and Swoopy were involved heavily with a hugh Live Action Role Playing group in Las Vegas, where we met.

So, this episode had a lot of great hidden sub-text for us!:D