View Full Version : Very Cool Marine Color-changing Tactics

27th June 2007, 08:09 PM
Okay, we've all seen the videos, and I for one am ceaselessly fascinated by the incredible survival tactics that have evolved in different species. But this video (http://www.educatedearth.net/video.php?id=3508)shows some really great ones that I had never seen before.

The first one (the tadpole) wasn't that interesting; and the octopuses, I've seen that before. However, the cuttlefish that uses bioluminescence to mimic shifting sunshine; or the dinoflagellites that use bioluminescence to reveal a predator's location to bigger predators.

Nothing earth-shattering (although I'm sure that more than a few creationists or ID-ers would use this to argue "nothing so complex could have evolved naturally"), but a cool video to watch.