View Full Version : How to become a re-known Medium in your area...

2nd September 2003, 10:32 AM
First you buy a battery powered baby monitor

Then have five or 6 people round who don't know you...

Place someone you DO know in this group...this person asks certain questions, all innocently....like "name"...."who they hope comes through"...etc...

You listen on the baby monitor...

There you go ...instant medium...

( Sounds a bit like one of J.E shows...don't it...)


2nd September 2003, 06:07 PM
Nah, too bulky and of short range.

I have heard a couple of times of something like "sound cannon", that directs waves over the air at exactly your selected spot. Haven't checked on it, though.

Also, an FM receiver on your teeth would work wonders since sound can travel to the ear through your bones. However, a magnet might cause interference at times. I can picture Geller arriving at the dentist: "Hi, Doc. I just came for a tune-up".

But honestly, IMHO, the techniques in various related articles at SkepticReport (Talking to the Death) are a much feasible and inconspicuous (sp?) way to do that.

Edited to add: Also, when I was a child (sigh!) I was really amazed at some circus stunts. A guy walked around the audience asking for an ID or some other document and the medium would "see" his name, or some other relevant info. Later, my good ol' man told me the guy with the audience was telling the medium through codes: "Listen, listen, listen. I have got a licence here. Listen, listen. What is the name? Listen, a license...".

I was barely disapointed, after all.